Public Security

speeding signsMunicipal Patrol: 514 428-5999

Patrollers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They patrol Beaconsfield territory, and enforce city by-laws related to:

  • Parking and obstruction of public roads

  • Surveillance of parks and public buildings

  • Respect of public property (graffiti, etc.)

  • Noise, disturbance, nuisance

  • Domestic and wild animals, etc.


Although the City of Beaconsfield has done its best to guarantee the safety and security of its citizens, there is always the possibility that something along the lines of the Ice Storm of 1998 might recur. Under such circumstances the City would be unable to shelter and feed its entire population of more than 20 000 residents and it would fall on individual citizens to be self-sufficient until such time as the respective authorities geared up on a large scale to provide the necessary help and support.

Please consult the presentation on Civil Protection in Montreal - September 28, 2015 (PDF)


Please call (514) 428-4400 for information on open facilities

Municipal facility with services
suitable for emergency shelter



Services available on site

Beaconsfield Recreation Centre

1974 City Lane


Kitchen Showers


Service Number

Police, Fire, Ambulance - Life threatening


Police - Not life threatening

514 280-2222 or 514 280-0101

Municipal Patrol

514 428-5999

City Hall

514 428-4400

Public Works

514 428-4500

Fire Service


Animal Control

514 428-5999

C.L.S.C. Lakeshore

514 697-4110

Bell Canada


Hydro Quebec

Power outages: 1-800-790-2424 (24 hours)

Visit the power outages page for the list of outages or to report one.

Costumer service and complaints: 514 385-7252

Visit the complaints page to file an online complaint.

Your dog or cat is more than a pet: it is often a member of the family, so there is no question of leaving it behind if you have to evacuate your home in case of a natural disaster.

Because of hygiene and safety regulations, pets are not allowed in temporary evacuee shelters set up by the City. To solve this problem, the City of Beaconsfield has signed an agreement with Humane Society International /Canada, a national animal protection organization with expertise in natural disaster preparedness and response for companion animals displaced by hurricanes, tornados, flooding, earthquakes and other destructive acts of God.

In the eventuality of a natural disaster, HSC/Canada is committed to setting up and running safe emergency shelters to care for affected animals.

Useful ResourcesConsult the following documents covering a wide variety of topics relating to personal, family and community safety :


Useful ResourcesOur services also include prevention, safety and practical information on a wide variety of topics - background checks, cars, children, internet, theft, etc.

For more information, please consult these documents:

PDQ 1 offers the following main services to the residents of its territory:

  • Engraving
  • Verification of children's car seats
  • Presentations to school children (street gangs, drugs)
  • Safety visits and advice
  • Citizens' committees
  • Door-to-door visits (advice to citizens)
  • Conference room for organizations
  • Road safety meetings and presentations
  • Meeting and follow-up with road safety complainants
  • Bicycle safety
  • Parent-teen conciliation meetings
  • Identification booklets

For additional information, visit the following websites:



To report a problem with a wild animal, contact one of the following organisations:

McGill – Urban Nature Information Service ( U.N.I.S.)
Tel: 514 395-4555

Le Nichoir Wild bird rehabilitation center
Tel: 450 458-2809

Bat problem?
Consult this link for useful information.

Injured squirrels or nest in the attic?
Consult ecureuilland.com


Precautions to be taken when handling birds
Visit the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative website


vulnerable banner□ You are new to the country and/or the region

□ You have an infant and/or you are a single parent

□ You have a child with special needs

□ You have a hearing, visual, motor or sensory disability

□ You have a pervasive developmental disorder

□ You have a mental health problem

□ You have an intellectual disability

□ You have a cognitive impairment (Alzheimer, etc.)

□ You have reduced mobility

□ You have a loss of autonomy

□ You are 70+ years old

□ You are a caregiver

If you answered yes to any of these statements, you may be eligible to join our list of vulnerable people. Even if you don't consider yourself to be vulnerable at first glance, it is possible to find yourself in a vulnerable situation under certain circumstances (e.g. heat wave, prolonged power outage, winter storm, etc.).


Complete the electronic version of the registration form and send it by email to 

You can also download and fill the registration form, and bring the copy to the Library desk.

Consult our flyer (PDF)


lpv-vpl@beaconsfield.ca or 514 428-4400, ext. 4470