It is prohibited to fell any tree located on private property within the territory of the Beaconsfield without having first obtained a permit for this purpose.

A certificate of authorization can be issued in the following circumstances:

  1. the tree is dead or has an irreversible disease;
  2. the tree is dangerous to the health or safety of citizens;
  3. the tree or the roots cause noticeable damage to the property;
  4. the tree impedes new construction or landscaping authorized under the zoning by-law;
  5. the tree impedes the growth of other surrounding trees as part of a grove;
  6. the tree must be felled to allow execution of municipal works.

Tree Planting Program

Trees contribute to the improvement of the microclimate and air quality, to the reduction of dust, carbon dioxide and urban pollution. The tree planting program favours the planting of trees in p arks, public grounds and roadsides.

As part of its annual plantation program, Beaconsfield offers to its residents the opportunity to request and obtain a tree free of charge, planted fronting their property, on the portion of land belonging to the City. As quantities are limited, we suggest registering your requests for plantation as soon as possible, by calling the Environment Inspector at Public Works at 514 428-4500 or by email at arbres_trees@beaconsfield.ca.

Except for certain proscribed species, the City of Beaconsfield is flexible in the choice of the plantations. A consultation with a city Environment Inspector will help you to make a wise choice for a tree adapted to your residential environment. Planting the good tree at the good place is essential to ensure its good development.

A catalogue with different available tree species is accessible on demand.


velo-arbreFor City trees

  • Do not attach bikes or other objects, insert nails and refrain from causing wounds in the bark;
  • Decorate the base of the trees with landscaping plants to keep the soil humid;
  • Report to the City of any disease problem, insects, of any danger or safety of the passers-by;
  • Water newly planted trees in order to maintain their fast growth.

entretien-arbre For private trees

  • Before planting a tree on a property, we recommend to plant it in the right place by taking into account its maturity, the type of soil and preferably, to choose a rustic specimen, which is easy to adapt to our climate;
  • For pruning work, check for professionals in the industry or ask your neighbours for a reference;
  • Maintain the basins around the newly planted trees and water regularly;
  • Make a regular visual tree inspection in order to detect a problem or disease.