The City adopted the Climate Change Adaptation Plan and the Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Reduction Plan in the Spring of 2021. The Climate Action Plan, a synthesis of these two plans, presents the principal sources of GHG and the local vulnerabilities, and identifies specific projects to reduce GHG and limit climate risk. The actions undertaken will serve to make our community more resilient to climate and environmental change.

Consult the Climate Change Adaptation Plan (PDF available in French only)

Consult the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan (PDF available in French only)


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Principal sources of GHG in Beaconsfield:

  • Municipality: Natural gas heating of buildings and fuel consumption of municipal fleet
  • Community: Transportation and fossil fuel heating of homes


Actions targeted by the City to reduce GHG emission by over 30%:

  • To convert buildings’ heating source to electricity
  • To install innovative hybrid system for trucks as part of pilot project


What you can do (contact the City for more information): 

  • Implement house retrofits especially for heating oil and natural gas
  • Ask for your guide on Beaconsfield houses and heating types
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Principal climate vulnerabilities in Beaconsfield:

  • The overloading of the sanitary sewer system
  • The loss of canopy for the mature urban forest


Actions targeted by the City:

  • To rehabilitate the ditch system to manage stormwater
  • To enhance the strategic tree planting program with various species adapted to the local environment


What you can do (contact the City for more information):



Cultural and sports associations, schools, churches and businesses are invited to participate in Climate Action Week. Share your initiatives and actions on climate change by contacting us at climat‑climate@beaconsfield.ca


i3P Project

A unique climate change initiative in Québec

The i3P Project will enable the City of Beaconsfield and its community to identify model and innovative projects, accelerate the implementation of sustainable and ecological projects, increase knowledge and skills at the regional level, and build partnerships with local experts to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This initiative will allow the City to complete the first three phases of the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), to simultaneously produce a first Community Energy Plan and implement a Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

The i3P Project is divided into 4 main components:

i – inventory

of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from municipal activities and the community

P – Action plan

to reduce GHGs and find the most promising measures to put in place
Consult the plan (pdf)


P – Adaptation plan

to ensure the safety, health and well-being of the community in the face of climatic hazards
Consult the plan (pdf)

P – Community Energy Planning

to better manage our energy consumption

A collaborative approach closely tied to our community

An important consultation and collaboration process will be rolled out to participants, stakeholders and the community. Presentation sessions of the i3P Project, webinars, information and working sessions will be planned.

Be a part of it!

In order to ensure that we get a true picture of the local conditions and to carry out an exhaustive analysis, we need your cooperation!

Because you are in the best position to talk about your experience, we want to hear from you! Tell us about the weather events and the impacts that you have perceived or witnessed. While the municipal team remains aware of and responds to local climate events, you undoubtedly have information that will be essential to the process. Write to us at


Climate Adaptation Plan (PDF)

Under the supervision of the Société d’innovation en environnement (SIE), which will act as the project manager and expert for the completion of activities and deliverables for the i3P Project, YHC Environment will be responsible for the activities leading up for the development of the GHG reduction action plan as well as the community energy planning, and the Carbon Consult Group (CCG) will carry out the climate change adaptation plan.

There are little things we can do every day to help fight climate change

To mark Climate Action Week in Beaconsfield, we invite you to take action and share your climate efforts to inspire those around you! These suggestions are easy to follow and can really make a big difference:



Our canopy is our greatest climate adaptation asset

NEW: Thanks to a subsidy from the City, offered in partnership with the nonprofit organization GRAME, have a tree of your choice planted on your private property. Details at ensembleonverdit.org.

FREE: Choose a tree to be planted by the City on public property in front of your home. Contact arbres_trees@beaconsfield.ca.

Reduce your water consumption and save money

FREE: Ask the Green Patrol for your leak detection tablet and water savings wheel during their visits.

REMINDER: Get your WaterSense® certified water savings kit for only $10 (65% rebate!) to reduce your water consumption by 40%. Available at City Hall.

Protect your property from floods or other extreme weather events

FREE: Use the Home Flood Program checklist from the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation for cost-effective ways to protect your home. Available at homefloodprotect.ca/checkup.


Convert your fossil fuel heating source

FREE: Get an energy efficiency evaluation for your home. Subsidies of up to $10,000 are available. More information at transitionenergetique.gouv.qc.ca. 

Dispose of your materials responsibly

FREE: Get a larger blue bin from the City and only put your bin out when it’s full.

REUSE before RECYCLE: Donate your items in good condition instead of using the bulky items collection. Some organizations even pick up at your house!

BE LAZY: Leave your grass clippings on the lawn

Act locally 

BUY LOCAL! Experience the charm of commercial life in Beaconsfield by buying local products, meeting merchants and restaurateurs, having a chat or simply strolling through the neighbourhood.

REMINDER: Start your own vegetable garden and get a free composter from Public Works to feed your garden. Consider using our subsidized rain barrel to water your plants. Available at City Hall.

Show your commitment to climate action and your creativity by sharing your efforts with us

  • Do something for the climate today
  • Take a picture or video (15 seconds maximum) of your action
  • Share it with us by commenting on one of our Climate Action Week posts on Facebook, or tagging us on Instagram!
  • If you don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account, email us at climat-climate@beaconsfield.ca