All applications for a demolition permit for a main building must be submitted to the Demolition Committee. All applications must be accompanied by a preliminary plan on the re-use of the lot following demolition.

The Demolition Committee will decide on the application according to the criteria set out in Permits and Certificates By-Law BEAC-045.



The Demolition request process – How it works
registration formAnyone wishing to demolish a building or a part of a building (33% or more of volume of the existing building) must obtain a  demolition permit. The person must apply in writing, supply information, plans and pictures to the City along with their name, address, what work they propose to do, their costs and duration.

The City designates an expert who prepares an inspection report on the condition of the building.  Once the file is complete, it is sent to the Demolition Committee within 10 days.  At that point, the City Clerk publishes a notice in the local paper, in English and French and a sign is posted in front on the property to be demolished. Then the population has their say.  Anyone opposed to the demolition can, within 10 days, object in writing to the City Clerk.  

The Demolition Committee holds a hearing and decides publicly within 30 days of receiving the request.  It considers the condition of the building, the deterioration of the architectural appearance, the aesthetic character, the quality of life in the neighbourhood, the cost of the restoration, the intended use of the land, the objections and any other relevant criterion.

It must approve the request, if it is in the public and parties best interest.  It may impose conditions, such as require the protection of certain parts of the building or site features.

The parties involved are notified of the decision but the permit is not issued for 30 days, which allows time for any appeal to Council.  The only exceptions are if the building is unsanitary or can no longer serve the purpose for which it was built.

The process may take between 2 to 4 months following the date of application and receipt of the building condition report.




Minutes of the Demolition Committee meetings 2021

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