Energy plays a role in our environment, our economy and our everyday lives. It is no surprise then, that we must consider this topic when discussing sustainable communities. By making certain choices on a small scale, our citizens and communities can contribute towards creating a positive, long-lasting change on a grander scale. Many of these choices involve energy efficiency. There are two main points to consider when discussing energy efficiency: habits and products.

Firstly, the manner in which you interact with your energy-consuming products greatly affects the overall energy efficiency of your lifestyle. Behaviors such as leaving your lights on all night or having your computer screen on maximum brightness contribute towards your energy consumption. Creating and maintaining energy-efficient habits can save you a good amount of money, while contributing to creating a more sustainable community.

Secondly, your choice in energy-consuming products has a very significant impact on your energy consumption. By switching to more energy efficient products, such as compact fluorescent light bulbs or by choosing high-grade insulation for your new home, you can enjoy a better lifestyle while saving money on your energy bill.

In energy efficiency, every little thing counts!