The City gives compost to residents every spring. Just come to the drop-off site at Public Work’s, 300 Beaurepaire, with a container, a spade and proof of residence.

Date: Starting, Monday, May 8 while supply lasts

Quantity: Up to 250 L per household, the equivalent of a medium garbage bin.

Benefits of Composting:

  • Cuts waste more than 40%
  • Produces free, natural fertilizer for your garden
  • Keeps your soil moist
  • Prevents generation of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, in landfill
  • Cuts waste hauling costs
  • Eliminate greenhouse gas emission caused by haulage


Did you know that the Master Composters are a group of residents committed to help their neighbours incorporate composting as part of their efforts to reduce what they put in the garbage bin? Master Composters are located in each sector of the city, available to provide targeted guidance via email or phone, or even to come to your home if you like. Based on your needs, the Master Composters will help you set up and maintain your composter with a minimum of effort. With the help of a fellow resident’s experience, you will soon see how much less goes into your garbage bin.

Any Beaconsfield resident can sign up for this innovative program just by calling Public Works Composting Help Line at 514 428-4500 or sending an email to compost@beaconsfield.ca. We will give you the name and contact information of your sector’s master composter or shortly after getting your email.
Your Master Composter can answer, by phone or in person, such questions as:

  • Where should I put my composter?
  • What can I do with my compost?
  • What do I do with my grass and leaf clippings?
  • All other composting issues!

This initiative is part of the Beaconsfield’s plan to become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community.

Bacs compost

Do you want to reduce your ecological footprint, to dosomething for the environment? Nothing could be easier!

To encourage home composting, the City is offering residents a free composter. This initiative is but one of the five pillars of Beaconsfield's Waste Reduction Strategy.

To pick up free items, proof of residency is required. Go to the drop-off site behind Public Works,300 Beaurepaire Drive during opening hours.

Residents who already received their free composter but would like to receive a second one can get it at the Public Works Waste Drop-Off during opening hours. Only while quantities last.

Questions? Need advice?

For personalized service, contact one of our Master Composters at 514 428-4500 or compost@beaconsfield.ca

In an effort to reduce waste going to landfill and a growing interest in composting, the City of Beaconsfield has trained 26 residents (Master Composters) in composting best practices. The Master Composters will support the community in the implementation and troubleshooting of backyard composting.

This innovative program offers residents the possibility to get support from a Master Composter by calling the Composting « hotline » at Public Works 514 428-4500 or emailing at compost@beaconsfield.ca. The name and contact information of a Master Composter in the requested sector will be provided.

The Master Composter can help either by phone, email or in person with any composting questions such as:

  • Where is the best location for my backyard composter?
  • What can I do with my compost?
  • What should I do with my grass clippings / leaves?
  • Any other composting question !

Visit the blog Beaconsfield Composts.

This initiative is part of the City's vision to become a sustainable community through improved environmental responsibility.

Advantages of composting

  • Reduce waste by up to 40%.
  • Produce a free natural fertilizer for your garden.
  • Maintain moisture in your soil.
  • Avoid production of methane, a powerful green house gas caused by ground fill.
  • Reduce the cost of disposal and transportation lof waste.
  • Avoid green house gas produced during transport.

Consult our composting information guide

Do you want to reduce your ecological footprint, to do something for the environment?
Nothing could be easier!

The City of Beaconsfield subsidizes the purchase of composters and other environmentally-friendly equipment for residents. Get a composter for only $30 and a kitchen catcher for $7. Proof of residency is required.

To purchase the equipment:

Compost is a natural process through which organic material is converted into a soil-like product or humus. The process works with the help of micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi combined with air and moisture.

Compost is an important way to recycle and can be done at home. It is an easy way to reduce the amount of household garbage by about one third. As well, it produces a valuable soil amendment for use in gardening and landscaping.