How can I get a new blue or black bin?

  • For new residents that need recycling containers, please call Public Work at 514428-4500.
  • Stolen or missing recycling containers, please call 514 428-4500.
  • Damaged or broken recycling containers, please call 514 428-4500.
  • Residents must return the broken or damaged container as a proof. [...]



  • Newspapers
  • Flyers and magazines
  • Paper (even with staples) and envelopes (even with windows)
  • Cereal, frozen food, laundry detergent, shoe and other boxes
  • Cardboard tubes and rolls
  • Egg cartons
  • Milk juice cartons and all other rigid, multi-layer packaging, which contained liquids.
  • File folders
  • Paper bags
  • Telephone directories
  • Books


  • Bottles and jars of all shapes and colours (no need to remove labels)


  • Clean cans, covers and lids, hangers, aluminum plates and foil.

  • blue-bin_200Always place the rolling container at the curbside.
  • The logo on your bin must face the street and the wheels must face your residence.
  • Leave at least 60 cm (2 feet) of clearance on each side and at the back of the bin.
  • Make sure that no vehicle or object interferes with the mechanical lifting of the rolling bin.
  • All recyclable materials must be inside the container. Items outside the bin will not be picked up. Wait for the next collection.
  • The lid of the bin must be free of all debris (recyclable materials, snow, etc.).

To find out more about Beaconsfield recycling program, an information leaflet is available at the Public Works office.

blue-bin_200Recyclables are collected on Thursdays, except on particular public holidays. Please place your blue bin by the roadside starting at 7 a.m. the day of the collection.

Availability of the rolling bins
The bins are available at Public Works 300 Beaurepaire.

Recycling bins remain the property of the City and must be left behind if you move. In the event of loss or damage, the bin will be replaced by the Public Works Department 514 428-4500.