• Newspapers
  • Flyers and magazines
  • Paper (even with staples) and envelopes (even with windows)
  • Cereal, frozen food, laundry detergent, shoe and other boxes
  • Cardboard tubes and rolls
  • Egg cartons
  • Milk juice cartons and all other rigid, multi-layer packaging, which contained liquids.
  • File folders
  • Paper bags
  • Telephone directories
  • Books


  • Bottles and jars of all shapes and colours (no need to remove labels)


  • Clean cans, covers and lids, hangers, aluminum plates and foil.

Soft plastic:

  • Grocery and other shopping bags
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • Clean food storage bags (grease-free)
  • All soft plastic wrapping
  • Plastic milk bags, vegetable bags, etc.

Put all your soft plastic items together in one bag, making sure that they are clean and empty.

Hard plastic:

  • Bottles of liquid, including shampoo and laundry detergent, yogurt, margarine, and other similar containers, covers, lids and caps.



  • Soiled or greasy paper or cardboard
  • Wax paper, facial tissue, toilet paper
  • Stickers  and wallpaper
  • Photographic paper
  • Foil gift wrap
  • Padded envelopes, composite products (binders)
  • Diapers


  • Paint, solvent or pesticide containers, spray cans, etc.
  • Metal hardware, pipes, nails screws
  • Pots, pans, muffin tins
  • House and garden tools, automobile or bicycle parts
  • Electronic, and large and small household appliances
  • Toys and tools made from mixed materials
  • Batteries, horizontal and vertical blinds, metal and wood utensils


  • Windows and mirrors
  • Pyrex, porcelain, ceramic and broken or unbroken dishes
  • Incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs
  • Sinks and toilet bowls

Soft plastic

  • Soiled plastic film
  • Cereal or cracker bags (waxed)
  • Chip and snack bags (greasy)
  • Stretch wrap (from pâté, meat, cheese)
  • Pool covers, awnings, etc.

Hard plastic:

  • All No. 6 plastics (polystyrene)
  • Toothpaste tubes and pumps
  • Rubber items (hoses, boots)
  • Toys and tools made from mixed materials
  • CD cases
  • Paint, motor oil or similar containers

Most of the listed items can be disposed of at an eco-centre, designated stores, hazardous waste collection event or collected by a metal recycler.

Other items for the garbage pickup:

  • Cardboard boxes, soiled cartons and paper
  • Soiled  pizza boxes
  • Dirty paper towel, paper handkerchiefs and serviettes
  • Waxed paper
  • Cereal and cracker box liners, potato chip and cookie bags