How can I get a new blue or black bin?

  • For new residents that need recycling containers, please call Public Work at 514428-4500.
  • Stolen or missing recycling containers, please call 514 428-4500.
  • Damaged or broken recycling containers, please call 514 428-4500.
  • Residents must return the broken or damaged container as a proof.

Why should I recycle?

Recycling is an important step in keeping garbage out of our landfills and wasting our non-renewable resources. Pop cans, plastic bottles, glass jars, newspapers and tin cans should not be buried in a landfill. Aluminum, steel and some types of glass can be recycled indefinitely. Today most car parts, t-shirts, parkas, sleeping bags, home insulation, garden furniture, playground equipment, CDs, and more are made from recycled materials! Recycling creates manufacturing and service sector jobs, and fuels the economy.

What happens to our recyclables?

  • Recyclables are sorted, baled and sold to different manufacturers that either reuse the materials or recycle them into various new products. For example:
  • Plastic tubs and lids are made into flowerpots, plastic lumber, and other plastic products.
  • Old newspapers and magazines are recycled into newsprint.
  • Telephone books are used for molded products such as egg cartons.
  • Aluminum, such as soft drink cans, is manufactured into aluminum sheeting for auto trade and general use.
  • Steel cans are made into steel construction products such as re-bar.
  • Glass bottles and jars are recycled into new glass containers.
  • Plastic 2-litre soft drink bottles are recycled into polyester yarn for carpet, clothing or packaging.
  • Juice boxes are used for paper towel and tissue production.