Dchets lectroniques

Electronic products should be thought of as a resource for producing other equipment, rather than as garbage. ICT, information and communications technology equipment, is not picked up in normal garbage collections.

Various options make it easy to recycle or recycle and recover such products:

  • Drop your old unit off at a store that will accept it when you buy new equipment
  • Donate it to a charity if it’s in good condition
  • Drop it off at Public Works, 514 428-4500
  • Bring it to the Electronic Products and Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Items accepted

ICT equipment accepted at Public Works:

  • PCs and laptops;
  • Cathode ray and fl at screen, LCD or plasma, monitors;
  • Peripheral equipment - mice, keyboards, cables, etc.;
  • Any brand of printer;
  • Scanners and fax machines;
  • Radios, sound systems, stereos, etc.;
  • All models of television sets;
  • DVD, VHS, DC and MP3 players;
  • Digital and video cameras;
  • Video game consoles;
  • Other similar products.

Public Works Drop-Off Site

You can always bring your electronic products to the Public Works Drop-Off during operating hours.


in partnership with EPRA-Québec

The EPRA-Québec's Recycle My Electronics program will take charge of all electronics brought to the collection and redirect them to companies that are approved and compliant with Canadian standards, to be recycled safely, securely and responsibly.

EPRA-Québec is an industry-led, not-for-profit organization recognized by RECYC-QUÉBEC.

For a complete list of acceptable products, visit recyclemyelectronics.ca/qc/what-can-i recycle