Waste Reduction Strategy

Beaconsfield residents rank second as producers of domestic waste per capita on the island of Montreal. More than 50% of our domestic waste could be diverted from landfills.

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To address the problem at the source, the City is proposing a Waste Reduction Strategy based on five key elements. The City's goal is to reduce the quantity of waste sent to landfill.

The City will take into account the results of the pilot project and residents' feedback to finalize the Strategy.

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The pilot project on the incentive tariff approach, currently underway with 253 residents, is one of the elements analyzed by the City as part of the Waste Reduction Strategy. The goal of the pilot project is to test this approach.

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Encouraging home composting is one of the five elements that are part of the proposed Waste Reduction Strategy.

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 Grasscycling and leaf mulching are also part of the proposed strategy. Both activities, in addition to saving time, help reduce discarded organic material and the cost of collection, transportation and treatment.

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 The City offers options to help you dispose of your waste responsibly. Note that green residue collections will increase from 8 to 22 in 2015, from April to November. Before throwing it away, think of the 3Rs!

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 For more information on the Waste Reduction Strategy, to share your comments or to askk questions, email us at reduction@beaconsfield.ca.