By-law concerning the application of pesticides
The use of pesticides for esthetic purposes is cause for concern to more and more citizens. The adoption of the provincial Pesticide Management Code in March 2003 recognizes this and imposes restrictions on the use and sale of pesticides. Montreal City Council unanimously passed a pesticide by-law applicable across the island at the April 2004 meeting. Our City Council adopted an ordinance at the meeting of May 4, 2004 specifying that this by-law come into effect immediately and further limiting some of its provisions.

The rule: The use and application of pesticides is prohibited outside buildings on the whole territory of the City.

The use of a biological control agent, as designated by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, mineral oil or active ingredients authorized under schedule II to the Pesticides Management Code is permitted except for the control of vegetation.

The exception: The use of pesticides is permitted within a radius of 5 m of food company warehouses and production plants to ensure vermin control, subject to the issue of a permit.

Permits: A temporary pesticide permit is valid for a period of 3 days; the pesticide application must be carried out between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday; Clear explanatory signs must be posted on the site for 72 hours before and after the application, using signs provided by the City.

City Council authorizes the inspector to issue a permit for use of pesticides in case of emergencies and health hazards, in all areas. The use and application of herbicides to destroy weeds is prohibited except for public health reasons.

This by-law and ordinance aim to protect the health of residents while allowing some flexibility in methods to preserve the beauty of our gardens and green spaces. A total ban does not address problems such as wasp nest or ant infestations, but there are several non-toxic solutions available to resolve these types of situations. The Public Works inspectors would be pleased to advise you on the types and uses of ecological products as well as local sources of supply.

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