• There is an accessible passenger drop-off/pick-up area.
  • Large enough to accommodate modified vehicles, taxis and buses.
  • Close to an accessible entrance.


  • There are four (4) parking spaces reserved for vehicles carrying persons with disabilities.
  • The parking spaces are identified with the International Symbol of Accessibility both on the ground and with a sign post.
  • Spaces are in close proximity to the main entrance.

Access to the building

  • Two (2) universal access entrance ways are present
  1. By foot/wheelchair to the main entrance (no degradations) from the parking lot.
    • Main entrance is equipped with an automatically opening and closing door equipped with a motion sensor.
  2. An access ramp to the basement.
    • Handrails are present at two (2) levels.
    • An automated door allows for easy access.
  • An interior ramp is present which joins the ground floor and the first floor.

Snack bar

  • The snack bar is easily accessible to persons using a wheelchair or with reduced mobility.

Public washrooms

  • Toilets, on the first floor, are accessible and partially adapted for persons with handicaps.

Public telephones

  • There are two (2) accessible public telephones, one (1) on the ground floor (reception level) and one (1) on the first floor.

Drinking fountains

  • There are presently public drinking fountains located on all floors.
  • The drinking fountains are well adapted to persons with handicaps.


  • There are accessible and partially adapted showers in the pool.