sustainable hands 2The City of Beaconsfield gives great importance to the protection of the environment and works hard to improve and create conditions that will provide a better environment throughout its territory. Feel free to browse through the different sections to learn more about the City’s services and policies, its initiatives and programs and have access to a wealth of resources available about the topic.

Consult the City of Beaconsfield's Plan for Sustainable Development.


You too can do your part at home, at work, in your daily commute and in your community.


Blue Dot Movement

enviro glass 2Community by community, this movement will inspire decision-makers across our provinces and territories to take notice. With so many communities calling for action from all levels of government, the next step is to have our provinces follow suit and pass environmental bills of rights.

89,558 Canadians have joined their local movement and 103 municipal governments have passed declarations recognizing the right to fresh air, clean water and healthy food.
The City of Beaconsfield has adopted the Blue Dot declaration on May 25, 2015.Click here to consult the declaration (PDF)

Blue Dot is a project of the David Suzuki Foundation and sponsors. For more information, visit: bluedot.ca

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Chaired by Councillor Roger Moss, the Environmental Advisory Committee advises the municipal Council on strategies, policies, programs and by-laws which would have an impact on any aspect of our built and natural environments, in order that we may improve the quality of our lives and the lives of future generations. This committee will research, educate, liaison, initiate and promote and engage the community on issues which relate to sustainability.

Roger Moss
Chaired by Councillor Martin St-Jean, the Traffic Advisory Committee's mandate is to ensure traffic safety for citizens, regardless of mode of transport, while respecting the regulations set out by the Quebec Department of Transport, through integrating standardized Traffic Calming policies used throughout North America and adapting best practices. Martin St-Jean
Chaired by Councillor David Newell, the Planning Advisory Committee's mandate is to study and submit recommendations to the municipal Council on any questions regarding planning, zoning, subdivision and building, as well as opinions on any comprehensive development program, on any plans concerning site planning, integration and architecture of constructions or the development of the land and related work and on any request for a minor exemption. david newell district4 wb

Chaired by Councillor Dominique Godin, the Culture and Leisure Advisory Committee is an advisory body which informs Beaconsfield Council on goals, strategies, and new initiatives related to all culture and leisure services and community events. Its mandate is to study and submit recommendations to Council on matters related to the provision and delivery of culture and leisure opportunities and services; the implementation of the Parks Master Plan; and requests for financial assistance. The Committee’s purpose is to provide an objective view in the public interest and to give impartial and informed advice.

Culture and Leisure Study - final report (PDF available in French only)

 dominique godin district1 wb
Chaired by Councillor Robert Mercuri, the Finance Committee examines and reviews Beaconsfield's ongoing revenues and expenditures in order to assure the sound and responsible fiscal management of the municipality. It also oversees and evaluates the management practices and policies of the administration. roger moss distrcit5 wb
Chaired by Councillor Martin St-Jean, the Demolition Committee's function is to study and authorize applications for demolition. Before deciding an application for authorization to demolish, the committee must consider the condition of the immovable that is the subject of the application, the deterioration of the architectural appearance or aesthetic character of the neighbourhood or of the quality of life in the neighbourhood, the cost of restoration, the intended use of the vacated land and another other pertinent criterion. Martin st-Jean


Chaired by Councillor Peggy Alexopoulos, the Age-Friendly Municipality Steering Committee's mandate is to develop a Senior Friendly Policy and Action Plan favouring the healthy, active aging of seniors in our community. Peggy Alexopoulos

Devon Park redevelopment

Because resident's opinions matter.

Thank you for filling out this SURVEY before July 29, 2022.



Outdoor Rinks

With boards

Beacon Hill - 100 Harwood

Windermere - 303 Sherbrooke

Heights - 225 Evergreen

Briarwood - 40 Willowbrook

Drummond - 200 Fieldsend

Christmas - 424 Beaconsfield


Without boards

Shannon - 340 Preston






Activities/Parks chalet_ico jeux_ico soccer_ico baseball_ico basketball_ico tennis_ico hockey_ico patinoire_ico toboggan_ico ski icon hockey_balle_ico skateboard-icone pickleball ico arm arm
Allancroft     soccer_ico                        
Beacon Hill chalet_ico jeux_ico soccer_ico baseball_ico basketball_ico tennis_ico hockey_ico patinoire_ico toboggan_ico ski icon hockey_balle_ico   pickleball ico    
Beaconsfield Heights chalet_ico jeux_ico soccer_ico baseball_ico   tennis_ico hockey_ico patinoire_ico     hockey_balle_ico   pickleball ico   hockey_balle_ico
Beaconsfield High School     soccer_ico   basketball_ico                    
Briarwood chalet_ico jeux_ico     basketball_ico tennis_ico hockey_ico patinoire_ico     hockey_balle_ico   pickleball ico    
Brookside   jeux_ico             toboggan_ico            
Centennial   jeux_ico               ski icon          
Christmas chalet_ico jeux_ico soccer ico baseball_ico basketball_ico tennis_ico hockey_ico patinoire_ico   ski icon hockey_balle_ico   pickleball ico    
City Lane     soccer_ico baseball_ico           ski icon   skateboard-icone   arm.jpg  
Devon   jeux_ico                          
Dog Park paws web                             
Drummond chalet_ico jeux_ico     basketball_ico tennis_ico hockey_ico patinoire_ico     hockey_balle_ico   pickleball ico    
Ecole Primaire  Beaconsfield   jeux_ico soccer_ico baseball_ico                      
Henri-Jarry   jeux_ico                          
Highridge   jeux_ico                          
Jasper   jeux_ico                          
Meadows   jeux_ico                          
Montrose   jeux_ico soccer_ico         patinoire_ico toboggan ico         arm.jpg  
Prairie   jeux_ico                          
Rockhill chalet_ico jeux_ico soccer_ico           toboggan ico            
Royal   jeux_ico                          
St. Edmund   jeux_ico soccer_ico                        
St-Rémi   jeux_ico                          
Shannon chalet_ico jeux_ico soccer_ico         patinoire_ico   ski icon          
Stephen Walsh   jeux_ico                          
Taywood   jeux_ico     basketball_ico     patinoire_ico              
Windermere chalet_ico jeux_ico soccer_ico baseball_ico basketball_ico tennis_ico hockey_ico patinoire_ico toboggan_ico   hockey_balle_ico   pickleball ico    


chalet_ico Chalet hockey_ico Hockey
jeux_ico Playground patinoire_ico Rinks*
soccer_ico Soccer* toboggan_ico Toboggan
baseball_ico Baseball* hockey_balle_ico Ball Hockey*
basketball_ico Basketball* skateboard-icone Skatepark
tennis_ico Tennis*  pickleball ico


arm.jpg Trekfit  ski icon Cross-country skiing*
bocce.jpg Bocce Court*

*Please bring your own equipment for all activities.

Parks and green spaces near waterfront : swimming is prohibited


Private events in parks or any other public green spaces 

Reservations or renting outdoor public places are forbidden in Beaconsfield (such as weddings, birthdays or other events). (Except for non-profit organisation who received a permit from the City in advance but the space must stay accessible to the general public.)
Private gatherings without reservations are permitted but the exclusivity of the space is forbidden.
The current Government directives concerning the Covid-19 must be respected at all times.
Park rules:
  • Alcohol, drug, cigarette or vape consumption is prohibited on all public places
  • Commercial activities are forbidden, unless a City’s authorization has been given in advance
  • Tents, furniture and sound system installations are forbidden
  • Cooking or heating food (BBQ, propane, charcoal, etc.) is forbidden
  • Dogs must be attached with a leash. It is forbidden to leave your dog loose in a playground area
  • Swimming is forbidden at waterfront parks
  • Camp fire and fireworks are forbidden
  • The waterfront parks are closed from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.; the other parks are closed from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. and cannot be used, unless a City’s authorization has been given in advance.
  • All garbage must be picked up
  • All the rules written in the Nuisance By-Law (Beac-033) must be respected


Parks and Green Spaces Master Plan

The Parks Master Plan is intended to be used as a decision-making tool in order to help set priorities for investments in city parks over the next 5 to 10 years.
Following an analysis of data, priorities for action will be established taking into consideration criteria such as the current state of facilities, the demand for certain specific activities, the equitable distribution of investments across different parts of the City, the space available within the municipality, and the complementarity between proposed projects. The projects put forward are proposals for new or improved facilities, not the regular maintenance of existing parks.






By-Law concerning the use of pesticides


Pesticides 300The City of Beaconsfield has a by-law regarding the use of pesticides on its territory. Pesticides are harmful products whose use is likely to pose a health risk and lead to contamination of water, air and soil. It is important to take the necessary measures to limit their use. However, when it is essential to use pesticides, it must be done with respect for the health of citizens and the environment.

In Beaconsfield, it is prohibited to use and apply pesticides outside buildings. 

On the other hand, By-Law BEAC-114 adopted unanimously at the June 2017 Council Meeting provides certain exceptions, such as the use of low-impact pesticides.

Authorized products

The use of "low impact" or "reduced risk" pesticides, considered less harmful to the environment, is permitted under the By-Law concerning the use of pesticides. The products authorized by the City are:

These products are not very harmful to the environment and human health when used properly. It is important to follow the application instructions provided on MSDS and product labels. However, it is better to consider other methods of control before starting pesticide treatment (see the section ecological lawn on the website). 

* Neonicotinoids: Note that since June 2017, it is now strictly prohibited to use pesticides from the Neonicotinoid family on the territory of the City of Beaconsfield. These pesticides have been determined to be toxic to insects, including bees.

Pesticide Contactor Registration 

registration form
An annual registration certificate is required for each contractor who applies pesticides within the territory of the City of Beaconsfield. To obtain this certificate, you must complete the required form and provide the following information and documents to our Public Works Department.

You must fill out a request and provide the following information and documents:

  • The surname, given name, address, telephone number and email address of the owner of the company.
  • A legible photocopy of the Quebec Ministry of the Environment permits held by your company under the Pesticides Act, for each class of pesticide used.
  • A legible photocopy of the certificates issued to users at your company holding a certificate of competence by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment under the Pesticides Act.
  • Proof of liability and professional insurance of $2,000,000;
  • The brans, model, year and copy of the registration certificate of any road vehicle to be used by the pesticide contractor in the territory of the City;
  • List of all pesticides including synthetic and low impact pesticides that you currently have in stock or plan to use this year.
  • The payment of $50. Payment methods are cash, check or debit card.


For a list of contractors registered with the City, please contact the Public Works Department at 514 428-4500


If we notice contravention to this by-law, statement of offence will be issued immediately. Any infraction is liable to a maximum fine of $4,000. 

Download the Annual Contractor Registration Form (PDF)


checkMarksTemporary Pesticide Application Permit

In the case of major infestation, a temporary permit may be asked to the City. Please call Public Works at 514 428-4500 and an inspector will go onsite to evaluate the situation. The inspector may issue a permit that will be valid for 10 days from the issue date. Major infestations include the presence of insects, mold or other harmful agents, except for weed, that have spread over 50% of a property or more than 5 m2 of a garden's surface. Infestations must be a human safety or health hazard, or pose a threat to the survival of trees and shrubs or animal life. The owner will have to complete the required form and pay the fees mentioned in the Fees Regulations for obtaining the permit.

 A owner who omit to obtain a temporary permit before proceeding with the application of pesticides on his land is liable to a statement of offense.