Special permits

Garage sales are permitted in residential zones provided that no more than two such sales per year take place on any residential landsite and that they do not last more than two consecutive days. A $10 permit is required. To make an online request, please click here 

In Beaconsfield, it is prohibited to park on any public street between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. all year round.

A temporary permit can be granted for overnight parking on a public street under certain conditions: renovations, repaving of a driveway, visitors. To obtain such a permit, please contact the Reception and Information Department at 514 428-4400 or 514 428-5999 after business hours.


It is prohibited to fell any tree located on private property within the territory of the Beaconsfield without having first obtained a permit for this purpose.

A certificate of authorization can be issued in the following circumstances:

  1. the tree is dead or has an irreversible disease;
  2. the tree is dangerous to the health or safety of citizens;
  3. the tree or the roots cause noticeable damage to the property;
  4. the tree impedes new construction or landscaping authorized under the zoning by-law;
  5. the tree impedes the growth of other surrounding trees as part of a grove;
  6. the tree must be felled to allow execution of municipal works.