Urban Planning

Beaconsfield has four sectors which include, among others, businesses, boutiques and restaurants:

Buying local products, meeting merchants and restaurateurs, having a chat or simply strolling through the neighbourhood, that's what creates the charm of commercial life in Beaconsfield.


PME MTL OUEST-DE-L’ÎLE (formerly Développement Économique West-Island – CLD) is a dedicated team, working as a veritable gateway to a vast network of partners, offering technical and financial resources to the many entrepreneurs and diverse businesses in its territory. Our support can make a crucial difference at any point in the life cycle of a company, from start-up to mature, international corporation.

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This approach was the result of an exercise in consultation and reflection in 2016 which allowed to review the key priorities of land use planning in order to respond to community needs and to ensure the efficient and harmonious development of the living environment in Beaconsfield for the long term. The Committee’s recommendations also considered issues related to density and socio-demographic trends as well as the requirements arising from the Development Plan of the Montréal Agglomeration. The following guidelines were targeted:
  • A city of human scale (height, density, services) based on the concepts of walkability
  • A city favouring public access to its rivers and water ways
  • A city that preserves its existing natural environments
  • A city that focuses on the diversity of mixed uses
  • A city that takes social equity into account
  • A city that strives to maintain its character

410 Lakeshore (2011)_160This exceptional modern home was designed in 1966 by the well known architect, Roger d’Astous. The long, narrow shape of the building takes advantage of the topography of the lot and maximizes the view of the lake. The many windows combine with the fieldstone and wood of the exterior walls to foster the remarkable integration of the building with its environment. The home exhibits the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of Roger d’Astous’ professors. Many renovations have been carried out during the past several years, all of which respect the style of the house and reinforce its architectural characteristics.


The City of Beaconsfield gives great importance to the protection of the environment and works hard to improve and create conditions that will provide a better environment throughout its territory.
To learn more on this subject, consult the 2018 presentation entitled Keeping our distance, protecting our shores (PDF)

gables court houseThe property located at 33 Gables Court in Beaconsfi eld has won the annual La maison coup de Coeur contest organized by the City of Montreal as part of the 23rd Montreal Architectural Heritage campaign (OPAM).
This home, built in 1951 in the classic English style, has been remarkably maintained. It has a hipped roof and wood siding. The main entrance and original wooden windows give the house a great deal of charm. The addition of an attached garage in the 70s complies with the original architectural style.