Procedure for Handling the Disclosure of Wrongdoings Relating to Municipalities and Reprisal Complaints

The Act to facilitate the disclosure of wrongdoings relating to public bodies (the Act), assented to on December 9, 2016, was designed to facilitate the disclosure, in the public interest, of wrongdoings committed or about to be committed in relation to public bodies and establish a protection regime against reprisals. It responds to Recommendation No. 8 of the Commission d’enquête sur l’octroi et la gestion des contrats publics dans l’industrie de la construction (Charbonneau Commission) on the support and protection of whistleblowers.
The following document provides information on disclosures and how they are processed by the CIME, as well as the remedies available when a person faces reprisals in connection with disclosure or threats of reprisals. Click to to consult the document (PDF)