Who is my City Councillor?

Beaconsfield City Council consists of a mayor representing the city as a whole and six councillors, each representing a district. To know who your councillor is, consult this map of our electoral districts. Please consult the detailed map of electoral districts (PDF).

District Name Phone
  Georges Bourelle, Mayor 514 428-4410
District 1 Dominique Godin 514 591-0055
District 2 Martin St-Jean 514 791-6674
District 3 Robert Mercuri 514 400-7379
District 4 David Newell 514 835-3659
District 5 Roger Moss 514 426-2144
District 6 Peggy Alexopoulos 514 697-5620


In accordance with section 15 of Municipal Ethics and Good Conduct Act, all new members and re-elected members of Council must participate in a professional development program on municipal ethics and good conduct in the six months after the beginning of their term.

In accordance with section 15, the City of Beaconsfield keeps up to date on its website a list of the Council members who have participated in the program.

  • Georges Bourelle, Mayor – Program completed on April 21, 2022
  • Dominique Godin, Councillor district 1 – Program completed on January 20, 2022
  • Martin St-Jean, Councillor district 2 – authorized to provide training in ethics and professional conduct in municipal matters by the Commission municipale du Québec and therefore has participated in the program.
  • Robert Mercuri, Councillor district 3 – Program completed on February 19, 2022
  • David Newell, Councillor district 4 – Program completed on January 20, 2022
  • Roger Moss, Councillor district 5 – Program completed on January 20, 2022
  • Peggy Alexopoulos, Councillor district 6 – Program completed on February 19, 2022