Honour the Memory of a Loved One in a Beautiful Way

Looking for a unique way to commemorate a loved one? You will be pleased to know that Council has adopted a Commemorative Trees and Benches Policy. This will allow you to immortalize the memory of a deceased person through trees or benches that will be located in public spaces or parks of Beaconsfield.


To do this, you must send a request to the Registry and Public Affairs Department. These requests can be submitted by family, friends, groups or businesses.

The cost for a tree or bench

The cost for a tree or a bench includes installation or planting, the commemorative label as well as maintenance. The label will bear the City logo, the name of the commemorated person, the date of birth and the date of death.

Tree: $750 + taxes
Restored bench (already in place): $1,500 + taxes
New bench (installed less than 3 years ago): $3,500 + taxes

This new policy not only allows you to honour someone you love in a unique and lasting way, it also benefits the community of Beaconsfield by enhancing the natural landscape of the city. In fact, the environmental benefits that will flow from this initiative are significant and will help us achieve the objectives set to neutralize our carbon footprint and preserve the tree canopy.

Commemorative benches may also be donated to recognize a resident’s contribution to the community. The selection of tree species or bench models, as well as their location, is at the sole discretion of the City.