To consult By-laws and other documents considered by Council 2023

Draft by-laws currently being considered by Council. 
Note that not all draft-by-laws are subject to a consultation, this mainly concerns zoning by-laws. In order to allow residents to be heard, we will also apply this procedure to minor exemption requests.
The consultation procedure for by-laws or for minor exemption requests is detailed in the public notice of each by-law or minor exemption request. You can find these public notices here.
You will also find explanatory documents (PowerPoint) in the "Ongoing Draft By-laws" section indicating the proposed modifications to the current by-laws subject to a written consutation.
When a draft by-law modifies an existing City of Beaconsfield by-law, it is recommended to consult the consolidated version of the by-law on our municipal by-law page to better understand the amendments.
For any questions regarding draft by-laws or request for a minor exemption, please contact: