Population: 19,755
Area: 10.640 km2

Benjamin_Disraeli_by_Cornelius_Jabez_Hughes,_1878_300pxBenjamin DisraeliNamed after Benjamin Disraeli, the Earl of Beaconsfield, the City has historical roots that go back as far as 1698. Incorporated in 1910, it was known for over forty years as a semi-rural community of summer cottages. From the outset of its development into a residential community in the late 1950's, Beaconsfield's growth has been orderly and well planned.

The City's terrain extends over an area of 1050 hectares ( 2600 acres). Careful design has produced a tranquil setting of single-family homes, parks and tree-lined streets that encourage strolling and cycling. Easily accessible ground and air transportation systems link this suburban haven to business and vacation centres around the globe.

There are many topnotch facilities that meet the needs of all age groups including the Recreation Centre with its full-sized rink, semi-olympic pool, gymnasium and youth centre. The library is heavily frequented by young and old alike, who appreciate its extensive collections and excellent reference services.

Nestled on the shores of Lake Saint Louis, Beaconsfield is graced with prime waterfront green space. Saint James Park and the grounds of historic Centennial Hall, the City's picturesque cultural centre, are ideal for family outings. Outdoor enthusiasts also have access to three boat ramps, two yacht clubs and a host of neighbourhood parks, playgrounds and playing fields.

The exceptionally high standard of living that you find in this community has been achieved through a long-standing tradition of responsible government and citizen involvement. Many of Beaconsfield's social, cultural and athletic programs are run by local volunteer organisations to which the municipality provides administrative and technical support.

Committed to safeguarding its resident's quality of life, Beaconsfield is a member of the Healthy Communities Network, an international movement sponsored by the World Health Organization that promotes collaboration among all sectors of the community. In recent years, the City has worked hand-in-hand with environment-conscious residents to curb pesticide use and encourage such proactive as recycling, composting and safe disposal of hazardous waste.

Often at the forefront, Beaconsfield has gained recognition lately for its role in emergency preparedness planning and was instrumental in generating an inter-municipal assistance agreement among public works departments in the region.

Beaconsfield's administration looks to the future with a history of responsible government. The City's sound financial position, the efforts made to restrain the taxpayers' burden and the rising real estate value make a home in Beaconsfield a blue-chip investment. However, the distinguishing feature is the people who live here. All aspects of life reflect the voluntary participation of the residents: a united effort to maintain Beaconsfield's singular charm.

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