The 2021 outdoor rink season is now over 

Due to weather conditions, the City announces that the outdoor rinks will no longer be maintained. Ice conditions are deteriorating due to temperature changes. We remind you that the use of the outdoor rinks is at your own risk.

Thank you and see you next year!


The decision to open the outdoor rinks depends on several variables, the first is weather, but another important consideration is the condition of maintenance equipment.


outdoor_rink_playing_300COVID-19 PREVENTION

Rules and sanitary measures have been put in place. The City will close the rinks if the sanitary measures and rules for rinks are not respected.

Due to current guidelines issued by Public Health, we are temporarily not taking any reservation requests for our outdoor rinks.

AT ALL TIMES: a physical distance of two meters between people or family bubbles must be respected. 

Anyone in violation of the current rules is subject to a fine.


Public Skating

A maximum number of 25 skaters on the ice must be respected at all times.

No sticks or pucks are allowed on the ice at any time.


Two outdoor rinks dedicated to hockey

Christmas and Heights rinks are open for hockey only. In groups of 4* OR by people from the same family group who live together in the same residence. As of February 26: hockey in groups of 8* OR by people who live together in the same residence.

*In addition to a person responsible for supervision, if required

A maximum number of players will have to be respected: 16

To ensure fairness, ice periods are limited to a maximum of one hour, depending on attendance.

A security guard from a private firm will be on-site. Players must comply with the sanitary measures and rules for the rinks.

The rinks are for Beaconsfield residents only and players will be required to sign an attendance sheet to gain access.


 Public Skating Only (1)


7:00 - 19:30 

Hockey (2)

8:00 - 19:30 


Beacon Hill (1)
100 Harwood
Windermere (1)
303 Sherbrooke
Heights (2)
225 Evergreen
Briarwood (1)
40 Willowbrook
Drummond (1)
200 Fieldsend
Christmas (2)
424 Beaconsfield
Shannon (1)
340 Preston

 As of January 4 :

(1) : Public skating only
(2) : Hockey

patin icone

All outdoor rinks are lit in the evening (on-demand light system)

chalet icone
Park Chalets will be closed for the season.

chalet icone

Outdoor areas will be created to put on skates near the skating rink.

pelle icone 

During maintenance or ice preparation, the rink is closed.