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Residents often wonder if they need a permit or a certificate issued by the City's Urban Planning and Municipal Patrol before undertaking a project.

Here is a list of some of the projects that require a permit or authorization. There may be fees and guarantee deposits involved in obtaining a permit or certificate.

List of work requiring a building permit

  • Construction of a main or accessory building for any use.
  • Modification of a main or accessory building for any use.
  • Transportation of a main or accessory building for any use.

Repairs and maintenance can be performed without a building permit. “Repair” and “maintenance” mean the substitution of materials that are virtually identical in size and nature, other than the removal or construction of walls, partitions, portions of walls or partitions, the removal or cutting of beams, joists and other retaining devices, the removal, relocation of blocking of stairways, exits or windows and any other change in materials.

List of work requiring a certificate of approval

  • Installation of a swimming pool.
  • Installation of a spa.
  • Construction of a platform around an aboveground pool.
  • Construction of a porch or deck more than 60 cm in height.
  •  Installation of a standard or a decorative fence.
  •  Landscaping or other work in the buffer strip around a property.
  •  Installation or alteration of a driveway and a parking area in the front yard.
  •  Felling a tree.
  •  Excavation, backfill and removal of rubble.
  •  Foundation work for a temporary construction, new construction or the expansion of an existing building.
  •  Installation of mechanical equipment.
  • Installation or construction of an accessory building such as a detached garage, a permanent carport, a shed, a summerhouse or a pergola.
  •  Construction of a retaining wall.
  • Construction of a tennis court in a residential area.
  •  Installation of a temporary building, other than construction trailer.
  • Demolition of an accessory building.
  • Partial demolition of a building.
  • Installation of a septic system.
  • Installation of a commercial terrace.
  • An occasional or seasonal business.
  • A film production.
  • A garage sale.
  • A block party.
  • Transportation of a building on the public roadways.

Certificate of permission to post
Installation, construction, expansion, reconstruction, alteration, relocation, or design of a poster, advertisement, banner, sign or awning.

Certificate of approval for building demolition
Demolition of a main building.

Certificate of occupancy

  • For commercial use.
  • Operation of a family-style resource or a residence for independent seniors.

Subdivision Permit
Conducting a cadastral activity.

For more information regarding permits,  please consult the following documents