Reimagining SPACE of Centennial Park and Lord Reading Property

In November, Mayor Georges Bourelle and Council members initiated a project important for the future of Beaconsfield entitled Reimagining SPACE to revitalize Centennial Park, its cultural centre, and the adjacent property, the Lord Reading Yacht Club. The project aims to meet our current and future needs for cultural and community services in a quality environment. This process will be spread over several months during which residents will be invited to imagine and offer ideas to help create an attractive space for the park, the waterfront, for the benefit of all, in a vision of the future.

The goal to revitalize this area is to review, together with citizens, the development of these properties in order to preserve the beauty of the site as well as to enhance the access to the lake and imagine a multi-purpose centre that meets our community and cultural needs in a spirit of sustainable development.


“Develop a project to revitalize Centennial Park and the Lord Reading property with the collaboration of Beaconsfield residents that combines culture, leisure and nature.”





The City is looking for residents to participate in the Steering Committee “Reimagining SPACE” which will be representative of the population and consist of seven residents and 2 elected officials. The main selection criteria are:

  • Keen interest in the future space of Centennial and Lord Reading
  • Social involvement within or outside of the community
  • Expertise (professional or other) relevant to the project (architecture, landscaping, sustainable development, culture, leisure, etc.)


The mandate of this committee will be to evaluate the ideas submitted by residents during creative workshops and to propose project scenarios to Council that integrate culture, nature and leisure.

The applications received will be evaluated by an internal working group of the City. Subsequently, the successful candidates will be approved by Council. From February 6 to the end of June 2019, at least a dozen meetings of the Steering Committee are planned.

Those interested in joining the committee are invited to send their resume by email and explain their motivation to no later than December 16.