The exterior use of water is permitted as follows:

  • Manual watering of vegetation using a hose fitted with an automatic shut-off device is permitted at all times.
  • The watering of a new lawn, newly planted trees or shrubs and new landscaping is permitted at any time of day for 15 days following the start of the work.
  • The watering of lawns and other plantings is permitted only from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. if the water is distributed by automatic sprinkler systems, and only from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. if the water is distributed by oscillating water sprinklers:
    • NORTH of autoroute 20 – Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
    • SOUTH of autoroute 20 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

These watering schedules were implemented to reduce water consumption and to minimize waste. Indeed, the capacity of water production plants to produce drinking water must be equal or greater than the maximum demand. By respecting the water restrictions, you will help the City reduce expenses for the maintenance, repair, and upgrade of the water supply network, which in turn saves money for all of us.

For more information, see By-Law BEAC-070 or consult our watering restrictions leaflet.

Strategies to reduce watering needs:

  • Less frequent but longer watering (about once a week) encourages the deepening of roots and helps them grow stronger.
  • Practise grasscycling and mulching (leaving mowed grass clippings and fallen leaves on the lawn) to reduce water evaporation from the soil.
  • Make sure to water as close to the ground as possible and not on the leaves.
  • Clean patios, terraces, driveways, and roads by sweeping them with a broom instead of spraying them with water.

Other ways you can help us protect our greatest natural resource:

  • Use a rain barrel to water your garden ($40 at Public Works).
  • Do not let water from your hose run unnecessarily onto the street or onto neighbouring properties.
  • Wash your car using a bucket or a hose fitted with an automatic shut-off device.
  • Maintain your house plumbing in good working condition.