Every Monday from April 23 to November 26, food residue may be collected at the same time as green residue on condition that it is put in a bin with a lid.
All types of food residue are accepted
For residents who are already composting at home, you can now dispose of meats, fish and bones, fats and oils, sauces, cheese and
dairy products during the weekly green residue collection.
Beaconsfield’s Waste Reduction Strategy has received many accolades since it was implemented in 2016. Remember that grasscycling and home composting are the best options to help reduce material at the source, without the need to transport it to a treatment centre.
Enhancing the green residue collection is a cost-saving alternative to a brown bin collection. Due to the abundant vegetation in Beaconsfield, the amount of green residue collected will be limited by the size of the brown bin. Given the low diversion rates observed on the island of Montreal, the brown bin collection is a less cost-effective means to reduce waste.
Knowing that in Beaconsfield about 8% of the average garbage bin content is made up of food residue not suitable for backyard composting, the improved collection of green residue will allow residents to divert more materials from landfill, while benefiting from local conditions that allow us to prioritize reduction at the source.