The implementation of our smart garbage collection has been so positive that in June 2016, the City undertook a pilot project to evaluate the benefits of transferring this system to the collection of recyclable materials. This project aimed to measure the frequency of the blue bins put out for collection, the level of contamination by garbage, the collection trucks’ GHG emissions during different operations, and the potential for savings upon the renewal of the recycling collection contract.
For one year, the group of residents participating in the study had to respect two rules: to put out the blue bin only when it was full and to respect the list of materials accepted for recycling by the City.
Positive results that inspire us to move forward!
  • Decrease in the contamination rate of the blue bins to 6% versus a national average of 12%!
  • Blue bins placed at the curb less frequently, 59% of the time.
  • Less frequent stops of the collection truck reduced GHG emissions by 10%, even if the distance of the route is the same!
Smart collection: a logical choice that benefits both citizens and the environment
  • The flexibility of the service allows us to maintain a weekly collection that residents can use according to their needs.
  • The contractor’s remuneration is linked to the number of pickups. The less frequently you place the bin at the curb, the lower the costs. You help reduce the cost of service!
  • The stops and starts of the truck combined with the automated pickup consume a lot of fuel. The less the truck operates, the less it pollutes. You have a direct positive impact on minimizing GHG emissions!
  • Finally, if you put out the bin less often, it is also a sign that you are reducing your packaging and your environmental footprint.
The City is moving ahead with the smart recycling collection and has awarded a contract that will begin in April 2019. No tariff is planned for this service.

What are the next steps?

  • January to March 2019: system verification
  • April 4, 2019: start of new smart collection contract
Thanks to the efforts of all residents since 2014, the City of Beaconsfield has become a benchmark for waste management in Quebec. We are committed to making the best choices for both the environment and our citizens. Our collective success demonstrates that it is possible to work together to minimize our impact on the environment.
And it continues!

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