October 10, 2018 - Recent federal and provincial legislation on the remuneration for elected municipal officials is leading to a revision of their compensation, in particular due to the abolition of the untaxed expense allowance and new criteria established.

“It is our duty to assure that the citizens’ representatives are adequately remunerated in compliance with the modified legal provisions, moral obligations and tax payers’ ability to pay," explains Mayor Georges Bourelle.
The revision of the remuneration was accomplished by following Council’s specific instructions to situate Beaconsfield in the lower stratum for elected officials of municipalities similar in terms of population.
A three-fold comparative remuneration basis was developed to ensure that Council members receive equal, just and reasonable compensation. The comparables were evaluated according to the remuneration for elected officials in cities with similar profiles as well as in the 15 demerged suburban municipalities, and by using a calculation tool offered by the Union des municipalités du Québec (please consult documents below for further information).
It was determined that the most equitable basis of comparison was to divide the total cost of remuneration in municipalities of similar population by the number of citizens. 27 municipalities throughout the province, including Beaconsfield, share a similar demographic size.
“In addition, we have used data from 2018 or prior. In this way, the remuneration of Beaconsfield elected officials will be in line with the median and below average. This procedure also limits the growth in compensation, for the benefit of our taxpayers," concludes Mayor Bourelle.
Council members’ remuneration will come to a vote at the regular council meeting on October 22. The basic remuneration for the 7 elected officials will be adjusted by $28,940. The tax adjustment for taxable expense allowances will be $31,762, for a total of $60,702 or 0.14% of the municipal budget. Thus, for the mayor who holds a full-time position, the basic remuneration will increase from $47,780 to $58,000, with a tax adjustment of $11,296 and a taxable expense allowance that remains unchanged at $16,595. For the councillors, the basic remuneration will increase from $15,920 to $18,000, with a $2,274 tax adjustment and a taxable expense allowance of $10,137. These salaries shall come into force in 2019. 
Documents to consult:
This  document covers all criteria that can be considered to establish the remuneration of elected officials, according to the tool produced by the UMQ, in collaboration with CEFRIO.
This tool covers the criteria used to establish the proposed modification for Beaconsfield elected officials. A conservative approach was taken by not including agglomeration services for which we work and collaborate on regular basis.