imaginons espace centennial lrycNovember 19, 2018 - Mayor Georges Bourelle and Council members announce an important project entitled Reimagining SPACE to revitalize Centennial Park, its cultural centre and the adjacent property, the Lord Reading Yacht Club, in order to meet current and future needs for cultural and community services in a quality environment.
“This is a decisive project for current and future generations in Beaconsfield. The process will be spread over several months during which residents will be invited to imagine an attractive space for the park and the waterfront in a vision of the future, for the benefit of all. We are hoping for great citizen participation,” explains Mayor Bourelle.
The revitalization project seeks to review, in cooperation with citizens, the development of these properties with the goal to preserve the beauty of the site, enhance waterfront access and imagine a multi-purpose centre that serves our cultural and community needs in a spirit of sustainability.
“We want this to be a defining exercise in public consultation and citizen participation. This is the only major public space with waterfront access. In our opinion, these spaces should be imagined by and for all Beaconsfield residents to ensure their attractiveness and create a sense of ownership in a spirit of cooperation and sustainability”, adds Mayor Bourelle. 
The project featuring its own logo will soon be accessible on the City web site under a dedicated tab where the vision, goals, dates for consultation sessions, creative workshops and all developments will be outlined.
To bring Reimagining SPACE to fruition and attract the widest possible participation, the City will hold information and consultation sessions as well as creative workshops on the future of these two properties. All meetings will take place between February and June 2019.

Call for applications – Steering Committee

A call for applications will be launched immediately to create a steering committee for Reimagining SPACE which will be representative of the population and consist of seven residents and two elected officials. 
The main selection criteria include:
  • Keen interest in the future space of Centennial and Lord Reading
  • Social involvement within or outside of the community
  • Expertise (professional or other) relevant for the project (architecture, landscaping, sustainable development, culture, leisure, etc.)
The applications received will be evaluated by an internal working group of the City. The successful candidates will then be approved by Council. From February 6 to the end of June 2019, at least a dozen meetings of the Steering Committee are planned. Council will evaluate the ideas submitted by residents. Upon conclusion of the meetings, the committee will make recommendations to Council on the best options proposed.
“These are exceptional spaces, attractive locations and gathering places for all residents. We invite the people to dream and imagine these spaces to enhance their assets and render them even more beautiful, welcoming, enjoyable and accessible,” concludes Mayor Bourelle.
Those interested in joining the committee are invited to send their resume and explain their motivation by email to no later than December 16.