November 26, 2018 – Always proactive and committed to protecting the environment, the City of Beaconsfield is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the i3P Project, an innovative initiative that will allow the City to complete the first three phases of the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), to simultaneously produce a first Community Energy Plan and implement a Climate Change Adaptation Plan.
The i3P Project will enable the City of Beaconsfield and its community to identify model and innovative projects, accelerate the implementation of sustainable and ecological projects, increase knowledge and skills at the regional level, and build partnerships with local experts to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
The project is divided into 4 main components: an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions from municipal activities and the community, the development of an action plan to contribute to their reduction, the development of an adaptation plan to ensure the safety, health and well-being of the community in the face of climate hazards and finally, the implementation of Community energy planning.
Starting in 2019, an important consultation and collaboration process will be rolled out to participants, stakeholders and the community. Presentation sessions of the i3P Project, webinars, information and working sessions will be planned. Throughout the completion of the four components, several resources will be involved at both the administrative and citizen level. The City of Beaconsfield will also be surveying citizens, as well as various groups in the public and private sectors, to identify action plan measures during public consultations that will be held for this purpose.
"Municipalities play a central role in climate protection because they have a direct or indirect impact on almost half of Canada's GHG emissions. The City of Beaconsfield joined the collective effort to fight climate change by joining the Partners for Climate Protection program of the FCM in 2006. Thanks to the i3P Project, this unique initiative in Quebec allows us as a City and community to consolidate our efforts in this fight against climate change," says Georges Bourelle, Mayor of Beaconsfield.
"The City of Beaconsfield, its organizations and its residents have distinguished themselves in environmental projects for several years now. With our smart collection, we have already demonstrated that it is possible to work collectively to minimize our impact. While climate change has become a major issue, it is our responsibility to continue this leadership and to take the next steps together. We have everything necessary to succeed. Future actions will refine our vision, evaluate and prioritize our actions, define our GHG reduction targets, reduce our energy consumption and identify renewable energies as local alternatives. This is a new stage that our administration is undertaking with energy, pride and enthusiasm." he concludes.
Under the supervision of the Société d’innovation en environnement (SIE), which will act as the project manager and expert for the completion of activities and deliverables for the i3P Project, YHC Environment will be responsible for the activities leading up for the development of the GHG reduction action plan as well as the community energy planning, and the Carbon Consult Group (CCG) will carry out the climate change adaptation plan.
"We are proud to support the City of Beaconsfield in the production of the three plans and the completion of a GHG inventory, all in line with the FCM program Partners for Climate Protection. The simple fact of carrying out the i3P Project already demonstrates the will of elected officials and leaders of the City of Beaconsfield to do their part for the protection of the environment!” added SIE General manager Yves Hennekens.
"Faced with the climate emergency, reducing GHG emissions is one of the most effective measures to be put forward, along with actions aimed at preventing local consequences of climate change, such as increasing the resilience of the community in terms of energy," said Pascal Geneviève, General Manager of Carbon Consult Group.
About Société d’innovation en environnement
The Société d’innovation en environnement (SIE) is a non-profit organization that designs and implements innovative projects for sustainable development and environmental protection. Its mission is to develop and promote projects and services, new technologies, the production of renewable energy for the protection of the environment, the reduction of greenhouse gas and for sustainable development purposes.
About YHC Environnement
YHC Environnement is a multidisciplinary consulting firm specialized in environment and energy. Founded in 1998, it is one of the pioneers in the country to have developed an unique expertise on climate change as well as specialized analytical tools to study and propose concrete solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
About Carbon Consult Group
Carbon Consult Group is an independent consulting firm specialized in GHG emissions management and climate change adaptation. CCG has extensive expertise in compliance with regulations on GHG emissions, carbon accounting for organizations and projects, strategic risk management associated with the transition to low-carbon economy, and risk analysis related to climate change. GCC comprises four business units: Carbon Management, Audit, Adaptation and Financial Services.