January 29, 2019 - Mayor Georges Bourelle and the members of City Council are pleased to announce the creation of the Reimagining SPACE Steering Committee for the revitalization of Centennial Park and the Lord Reading property, as well as the launch of the public consultation process on February 20. 
“We are particularly proud of the involvement and interest displayed by our citizens since the announcement of this major project back in November. We have received 40 applications from highly qualified candidates for the steering committee which will convene throughout this winter and spring. The nine committee members will listen to the population. We hope that citizen participation will be as large, dynamic and open as possible,” says Mayor Bourelle.
The consultation process for Reimagining SPACE will help plan the development of these vast waterfront spaces along Lake Saint-Louis to satisfy the current and future needs for cultural and community services in Beaconsfield while preserving a quality environment.
This committee includes two members of Council: Mr. Robert Mercuri as Chair and Ms. Karen Messier as a member. The selection of the nine committee members was based on the diversity of qualifications and needs in order to ensure the creation of a multidisciplinary committee that is complementary and representative of the community. The selected members are Mary Allen, André Bergeron, Katherine Crewe, Geoffrey Kelley, Anna Polspoel, Danièle Serhan, Wade Staddon, Sam Watts and Lena Zahnan.
“On my own personal behalf and on behalf of the members of Council, the residents, the management and staff of the City of Beaconsfield, I would like to thank them for their excellent application for the Reimagining SPACE Committee and their civic engagement,” states Mayor Bourelle.
The extensive and impressive expertise of the nine members of the steering committee will enable them to listen to the residents’ needs, interests, comments, suggestions and ideas. A rigorous and transparent public consultation process will help achieve, in a proactive and collective manner, one of the most important public development projects in the history of Beaconsfield.
“Centennial Park is an enchanting gathering place that instills pride in all of us. Council and residents alike want to enhance this space so asto reflect our image and our values, and to satisfy our collective needs,” underlines Mayor Bourelle.
Key dates
The first consultation meeting will determine the diagnosis of Centennial Park and the Lord Reading property. It will take place at the Herb Linder Annex (303 Beaconsfield Boulevard) on Wednesday, February 20, at 7 p.m. A few weeks later, four workshops will be organized on Wednesday, March 13, April 3 and 24, and May 15, at the same place and time.
“Everybody is invited. Citizen involvement will make it possible to validate, enrich and prepare Reimagining SPACE for the benefit of all,” concludes Mayor Bourelle.
You are invited to follow the committee’s work and the evolution of the project on the City website by clicking the link Reimagining SPACE. If you are not able to take part in the public consultation and workshops, you are encouraged to submit your comments and suggestions by email at imagine@beaconsfield.ca .