February 26, 2019 - More than 300 ideas, suggestions and comments were submitted during the first public meeting for Reimagining SPACE, with the goal to establish a diagnosis in order to redefine and revitalize Centennial Park and the adjacent Lord Reading property in a vision of culture, recreation and nature.
Some 80 citizens participated in the consultation activity held last Wednesday night at the Herb Linder Annex. The compilation of the proposals will serve to prepare the public creative workshops to which everyone is invited, regarding the future of Centennial Hall (March 13), a multipurpose centre (April 3), the waterfront, marina and recreational activities (April 24), as well as green spaces and mobility (May 15).
The results of all this work will establish concepts for the redesign, usage and vocation of these iconic places in Beaconsfield. A steering committee will determine the consensus reached and submit recommendations to Council.
“This is a unique process of citizen consultation and participation. It is a stimulating exercise for the revitalization of a beautiful location in our City,” explains City Councillor Robert Mercuri, Chair of the Steering Committee. Accompanied by Karen Messier who is the City Councillor for the district where the project is located, he is leading this consultation process by heading up a steering committee composed of nine residents. The committee members were selected based on the diversity of their expertise and their implication in the community, following a call for applications this winter.
Challenges and opportunities
Last Wednesday night, citizens discussed the challenges and opportunities to be addressed. For Centennial Park, suggestions were mainly aimed at turning it into a destination of choice for the entire Beaconsfield population as well as offering diversified cultural and recreational services.
The future of Centennial Hall is in question, as the building requires extensive renovations. Rooms that used to be small bedrooms make the former family residence inadequate for holding public events and meetings. Suggestions focused on improving cultural services and accessibility for the entire community and on providing a location for presenting shows.
With regard to the adjacent Lord Reading property, the site and buildings require major investments, and the opportunity should be seized to broaden access to aquatic activities for the entire community. 
The Library was also discussed. It was agreed that the space has become too constrained and ill adapted for persons with reduced mobility. Some suggested that an additional floor should be added, while others preferred a new multipurpose centre incorporating today’s technology that could become a source of pride for the population.
The four creative workshops will be held at the Herb Linder Annex located on 303 Beaconsfield Boulevard, at 7 pm. You are also invited to submit your suggestions and ideas by email to imagine@beaconsfield.ca