April 10, 2019 - The second of four Reimagining SPACE creative workshops to revitalize Centennial Park and the Lord Reading property has demonstrated that the community needs and wants a multipurpose centre in a vision of sustainable development and responding to the various needs for space and public facilities in order to support community, culture and leisure activities. 
 “Following the Diagnostic event and the first workshop, this exchange of ideas was once again a great success with more than 70 citizens participating. This allows us to obtain the expertise and vision of citizens which is most important for us,” states City Councillor Robert Mercuri, president of the Reimagining SPACE Committee. 
The participants were asked to project the current needs into the future and identify the organizations and resident groups likely to use the public facilities. Focus groups were created to allow people to discuss the possibilities, and define the infrastructure needs to support and enhance the services and offer of cultural activities for the benefit of all.
The collective work from the workshop established the need for a multipurpose centre offering sufficient space, with a view on Lake St. Louis, equipped with adaptable meeting rooms, an open-air auditorium for shows and celebrations, a small restaurant or coffee shop, a library, rooms for seniors and teenagers, relaxation, yoga, etc.
According to the citizens, the need has been demonstrated, and expectations are high. While dreaming of a modern and adapted centre, the participants were concerned about the costs involved in the construction of this building, stating that the required financial resources must be found for the realization of such a project.
The Steering Committee is composed of nine citizens with complementary expertise and experience, as well as City Councillors Robert Mercuri and Karen Messier.
“The citizen participation shows the community’s commitment to this flagship project, and the outcome of the workshop will provide solutions endorsed by the population. This is very important. We wish to thank everybody who participated so generously,” concludes Robert Mercuri.
The next workshop on the subject of the waterfront, marina and recreational activities will be held at Herb Linder Annex on Wednesday, April 24, at 7 p.m.; all citizens are welcome. For further information please click here or send your ideas via email to imagine@beaconsfield.ca .