May 21, 2019 - Nearly 70 people participated in last Wednesday night’s fourth and final Reimagining SPACE creative workshop to revitalize Centennial Park and the Lord Reading property. A visit to the sites allowed the group to assess their state, their potential and possible layout.
This consultative evening was different from the three previous creative workshops since it took place on-site at Centennial Park and the Lord Reading property. The citizens accompanied the members of the steering committee on a walk to discover the particularities of both sites, their assets, their attractions, and their potential.
“The participants were invited to appreciate the state of the Lord Reading installations and buildings, the marina, the layout of the waterfront, and the general state of the park. They deliberated over how to best satisfy the current and future needs of our community for this huge public space on Lake St. Louis,” explains City Councillor Robert Mercuri, president of the steering committee.
The participants were delighted by the potential of the sites, but agreed that both premises would require substantial renovations.
“The entire process of redefining the uses of Centennial Park and the Lord Reading property is driven by elected officials and residents alike. This exercise in citizen participation is proving its value in these findings,” states Robert Mercuri.
The steering committee is composed of nine citizens with complementary expertise and experience, as well as City Councillors Robert Mercuri and Karen Messier.
“Citizen participation has exceeded our expectations. Our residents were involved, dedicated and motivated. The involvement of our residents is an asset to Beaconsfield which will help propose a consensus to Municipal Council,” concludes Robert Mercuri.
The steering committee will now work on an orientation report which it will submit to Municipal Council and City management for review in the next few weeks.
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