Find out about cultural gatherings, events and awareness campaigns

June 3, 2019 - The City of Beaconsfield is proud to continue its digital shift with a new presence on social media. The City now has official pages on Facebook and Instagram.
This represents a new way for citizens to keep informed about cultural events and the different activities which liven up Beaconsfield. In addition to activities and events, the City will use these platforms to provide residents with practical information (eco-responsibility, public security, etc.) to help them in their daily lives.
"We are pleased to introduce these additional channels of communication to facilitate the promotion of Beaconsfield's cultural, recreational and library services. This will help encourage citizen participation in all the events and activities available," said Mayor Georges Bourelle. "I invite residents to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay informed about activities proposed by the City and keep up to date with what is happening in our community."
The City also has a Twitter account (@Beaconsfield_Qc) that will be used primarily for the distribution of press releases.
To ensure that exchanges are done in a respectful manner, the City has adopted a netiquette available at the following address: (ETC)
We invite you to follow us!