July 9, 2019 - The Quebec government has tabled the draft order 564-2019, on June 17, 2019, concerning the declaration of a special planning zone to promote the management of flood zones. This draft order, and its effect of creating a freeze, has therefore a great impact on the City of Beaconsfield.
At the Council meeting of July 8, Mayor Georges Bourelle and Council members adopted a resolution opposing the proposed provincial draft Order concerning the establishment of a special planning zone (SPZ) and its effects on properties near Lac Saint-Louis that are included in this zone in Beaconsfield.
"It is clear that the flood zone in Beaconsfield needs to be reviewed because it is wrong. We believe that the government proceeded arbitrarily to hastily produce a document that demonstrated its decision-making speed. However, the designated zone makes no sense and the impact would be major for the 200 targeted residences, which were never flooded in 2017 nor 2019, as the draft Order suggests", states Mayor Bourelle.
On July 2, the City also met with the Ministère des affaires municipales et de l’habitation (MAMH) and clearly expressed its opposition to this SPZ map in its current form.
In its resolution, Council asks the Minister to amend, without delay, the current draft Order to exclude the City of Beaconsfield from the special planning zone since no building in the City was flooded in 2017 nor 2019.