August 7, 2019 - Mayor Georges Bourelle is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MAMH) revised the flood map on Monday and that a preliminary analysis has determined that no more buildings are included in the Special Planning Zone (SPZ) on Beaconsfield territory.
Along with other elected West Island officials, the Mayor and a senior city manager had the opportunity to meet with Minister Andrée Laforest and her team last Friday in Québec City. During this meeting, they successfully substantiated Beaconsfield’s arguments and presented exhaustive documentation demonstrating that the City was erroneously included in the SPZ. 
As a matter of fact, no buildings were flooded in Beaconsfield in 2017 nor in the spring of 2019, and there were no damages in the 0-20 year zone established by the government in 1985 at an elevation of 22.75 metres. This threshold has been applied in Beaconsfield for 34 years and was never exceeded by the rising water levels during major floods. Moreover, the regulation of the Seaway water levels controls the water levels on our shores.
In this context, Beaconsfield’s inclusion in the SPZ did not reflect the reality and inflicted unacceptable financial prejudice as well as major stress on the homeowners concerned. Ever since the government tabled its draft order on June 17 and the map of affected properties, the City has prioritized this dossier and ensured ongoing communication with the residents concerned. The Mayor acknowledges the meticulous and thorough work accomplished in order to gather all information as well as the joint efforts by residents, Council members and administration.
“The City had mobilized because, although the SPZ included only certain properties in Beaconsfield, the whole City could have been financially affected in the long run. Supported by city staff from various departments, Councillors Dominique Godin, Karen Messier and Robert Mercuri followed up closely with the affected residents in order to obtain the owners’ declarations. This has allowed us to properly document the situation in Beaconsfield and to demonstrate that we should not be included in the SPZ”, declares Mayor Bourelle.
Beaconsfield has always supported the actions taken by the government and Minister Laforest to handle the emergency situations and difficulties caused by the floods in Québec – an issue that is not new and must be addressed in order to protect and ensure the safety and health of the people who live close to the flood zones.
Mayor Bourelle states, “In Beaconsfield we are fully aware of this. We have been rigorously and successfully monitoring this situation for almost 40 years. Construction or reconstruction is not allowed in the 0-20 year zone, as established by the Agglomeration’s land use plan and integrated in Beaconsfield’s zoning by-law. We believe that we have already proven by our actions, and we reaffirm, that we are committed to the quality of the environment, sustainable development and protection of Lake St-Louis”.
 “We are pleased and satisfied by the decision of the MAMH. By acting quickly, documenting the situation in Beaconsfield and being well prepared for the meeting with the minister, we have obtained the desired outcome, which is the exclusion of any buildings on our territory. We thank Minister Laforest for hearing us. We also thank our MNA, Gregory Kelley, for accompanying us throughout the process to correct the situation. What is left of the portions of land included in the ZIS can be managed as we did before, and residents shall no longer be exposed to undue financial prejudice and stress due to the SPZ that was applied in an arbitrary manner but has now been modified to our satisfaction”, concludes Mayor Bourelle.