GES PriDistinction FondBLANCOctober 28, 2019 - The City of Beaconsfield is proud to announce that the municipality took first place in the category « Management practices and psychological wellbeing – small and medium-sized enterprises » at the 2019 Distinction Award Gala of Groupe Entreprises en santé which took place on October 23, 2019, in Montreal.
The jury took into consideration the commitment of the City’s executive management to improve its actions relating to the health and well-being of its employees by introducing a very well structured programme aimed at obtaining the “Healthy Enterprise” certification under the BNQ 9700-800 standard. The standard sets out requirements regarding good organizational practices that foster healthy lifestyles among employees, a healthy workplace, and sustainable improvements in the health of individuals. 
The jury also took into account the numerous initiatives included in the City’s health and well-being programme implemented in 2018 which are based on needs previously evaluated by an extensive survey among its entire workforce. In terms of management practices, a number of actions have been put in place, including a survey tool used to regularly evaluate the mood, mindset and satisfaction of its employees and to take action as needed. 
“This award acknowledges the efforts of all the employees of the City of Beaconsfield who have contributed to the implementation of the Healthy Workplace Policy adopted by Municipal Council in 2018. All this work was carried out thanks to the involvement of our Health and Well-being Committee and senior executives,” states the Director General of the City of Beaconsfield, Patrice Boileau. “Investing in the health of our employees is a choice that pays off!”