March 24, 2020 – In order to help citizens face the economic challenges linked to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, Mayor Georges Bourelle announces that the May 25 tax instalment is postponed to June 29 for 60 % of the amount - the Agglomeration of Montreal’s share - and a second instalment on August 31 for the portion of Beaconsfield's services (40%).

"By doing so, we are able to meet our budgetary obligations while allowing our taxpayers to take advantage of one more month to pay their bill, and by reducing the amount by creating an additional payment, which will be due at the end of August. This will help many people in these global exceptional circumstances”, explains Mayor Bourelle.

The deferral of tax payment was made possible thanks to the request made by the mayors of the suburban cities, including Mr. Bourelle, asking that the administration of Montreal postpone, by one month, the cities’ contribution to the budget for the Agglomeration of Montreal services.

In practical terms, the next tax bill instalment is deferred from May 25 to June 29. This portion of the tax bill will correspond only to Beaconsfield's contribution to the Agglomeration of Montreal. This will represent around 60% of the amount planned initially.

A third instalment is added on August 31. This will represent the portion of the tax bill dedicated only for the services offered locally by Beaconsfield. To make this possible, Council has submitted a draft by-law for notice of motion at the March 23 meeting, for adoption in April.

“We are aware of the exceptional challenges which all are facing. In this context, postponing and staggering the next municipal tax instalments is a concrete solution of financial respite," said Mayor Bourelle.

The Mayor would like to thank the City's employees for their efforts which enabled this solution, in particular for the reprogramming of computer systems.

"The current public health emergency forces us to act in a humanitarian, respectful, tolerant and ingenious manner with each other. Our social solidarity in these circumstances is essential”, concludes Mr. Bourelle.