Maire Bourelle rondJune 11, 2020 – Beaconsfield is a community where respect and basic fundamental rights are at the heart of our core values. We must honour this reality on a daily basis and defend it to ensure the well-being of current and future generations. 
The anti-racism protests that have been rocking the world over the past few weeks in the wake of the murder of US-citizen George Floyd during his arrest by four police officers in Minneapolis, denounce unacceptable violence against any human being.
The charters governing human rights constitute the foundation for justice, freedom and peace in our society. Any form of violence and discrimination must be reported, banned and punished. Law enforcement agencies must ensure that their representatives are systematically made aware of these societal issues in order to prevent brutality and profiling of any kind.
The current anti-racism protests remind us that discrimination exists even if it has little or no impact on our daily lives. Unfortunately, discrimination is a persistent reality, and we must be sensitive to the distress it causes. We need to be vigilant and attentive to any signs or behaviours that foster or conceal discrimination in overt or subtle ways. We have to stand up and take action to make it stop.
A few years ago, the City of Beaconsfield adopted policies relating to non-violence and harassment in the workplace. Respect for each individual and their rights is fundamental, be it in terms of race, colour, sex, age, civil status, religions, political affinities, language, ethnic or national background, social status, sexual orientation, pregnancy or handicap.
In fact, what differentiates us is the appreciation for the wealth of diversity we are a part of. Together, our differences form a whole and shape a society in which understanding and tolerance bind us together, set us apart and unites us. 
The protests to end systemic and individual racism remind us that human rights and freedom must be protected at all times. We need to listen to those who denounce injustice. We have to understand, and we must, above all, take action to put an end to it.
If you are a witness or victim of discrimination or violence, I encourage you to take legally appropriate action to get help for yourself, provide help for those in need, or report those who act in disregard of the rights of others to the authorities.
If we want to build a better world, no person shall be excluded, just as no person shall deliberately ignore discriminatory behaviour. We must join together to make sure that this stops. We all have a responsibility to shape a world that is a better place for everyone.