Beacon Hill Park BVIConstruction Project of New Chalet in Beacon Hill Park

Virtual presentation available from August 14 to September 21

Construction of a new chalet in Beacon Hill Park is planned for Spring/Summer 2021. This project is part of the City's long-term plans to bring sports and recreation facilities up to code.

We invite you to view our virtual presentation which explains the stages of this project, from community consultation to planning and construction drawings.

CLICK here to watch the virtual presentation.

Click here to consult the presentation about the construction project of Beacon Hill chalet (PDF)


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Here is the plan for the proposed chalet.

Vue en Plan small










- as of August 21

  1. The artist concept depicted on page 12 of the presentation does not appear to match the floorplan. Please confirm which is the more current information.
    The sketch and plan view are conformed to what is proposed.

  2. The floorplan provides no legend to interpret what the various rooms are (they have numbers but no description, example: 102, 103, 104, etc).
    A new plan is provided hereinafter with a legend of the rooms.

  3. The floorplan does not include a scale to judge size of the various rooms.
    The new plan shows the dimensions.

  4. Although mentioned in the presentation, the plan/proposal does not indicate parking.
    The location of future parking lots and related work are not included with the construction of the new chalet but will be carried out in a later phase. The location remains to be determined.

  5. I was unable to stop the video to have a longer view of the plans, nor was I able to comment.
    It is possible to pause while viewing with the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Comments may be submitted via the email indicated at the end of the presentation.

  6. Is it possible to see the plans?
    A new plan was provided on the web site which includes a legend of the rooms.

  7. Also, would the small children’s park be near the chalet?
    The chalet will remain in its current location therefore the playground area will still be near the chalet.

  8. Will there be a large enough overhang or sheltered area in case of rain?
    The proposed overhang is 8 feet wide.
  9. I would like to see several options for the exterior facade.
    For now, the exterior cladding is as proposed by the architect.

  10. Also I would like to see a plan showing the new size versus the old site and how and where the parking is going to be.
    Please refer to answer 4 of FAQ.
  11. Is the new chalet going to be built on the same lot area?
    Yes, the chalet will be built in the same location as the existing chalet.

  12. Are you planning on modifying the setup of the park around 89 Harwood gate?
    We are not planning to modify the part of the park near 89 Harwood Gate.
  13. The current BeaconHill Chalet is much better than Christmas Park and Drummond Chalet. Why is our money being spent there? Drummond and Christmas Park are already half the size of BeaconHills Chalet.
    The City proceeded with a Building Audit in 2018 which identified investment priorities based on the current conditions of the buildings. Although it is true that Drummond Park Chalet is also high on the list for reconstruction, Beacon Hill Chalet was chosen over Drummond Park because of the higher occupancy rate by several associations whereas Drummond Park Chalet is not used by any associations. Priorities where not established necessarily taking into consideration the size of the chalets.
  14. Because it is larger in size and all on one floor you should mention where it will be located and what other facilities will have to be modified / moved to accommodate it.
    The chalet will be located at the same location as the existing chalet. Although the footprint of the new Chalet will be larger, no other facilities will need to be modified or moved. A new site plan is hereinafter added.
  15. The architectural plans (shown in the presentation) are illegible and out of focus. Therefore it is hard to give any comment on it.
    We invite you to visualize the plans available hereinafter.

  16. My main question is if it is possible to have access to more documents regarding the design of the chalet, in particular the floor plan for the proposed chalet. What is shown in the presentation is a reflected ceiling plan, which is a little misleading when deciphering where the entrances and main circulations are located. A site plan would also be helpful in understanding how the chalet is integrated into the surrounding context and how it responds to the existing neighbourhood. A rendering showing context would also be helpful in understanding how the proposed building interacts with the site.
    We invite you to visualize the plans available hereinafter.
  17. What did the $225,000 2018 maintenance deficit include? How much has been spent by the City since 2018 maintaining the Chalet facility?
    The following elements were identified by the 2018 Building Audit:

    Replacement of electrical panels, lighting system, heating system, hot water tanks, several bathroom apparatus, ceiling finishes, floorings, interior and exterior doors, exterior staircase.

    The City has not made any expenses since 2018.

  18. Was there any thought given to incorporating the “Beacon Hill Pool Chalet” into the “New Chalet” project? 
    The Beacon Hill Pool Chalet is a private property. The Beacon Hill Chalet, a municipal facility, serves the entire community and responds to other needs.

  19. The artist rendition does not match the floor plan.
    The artist rendition was done prior to the final floor plans.

  20. Is there a basement to the building, is there a plan for that?
    There is no basement.

  21. The Chalet is larger than the existing one, (Good!) How much of the park area is lost to the new building.
    Approximately 3 500 sq. ft. of grassed area will be lost.

  22. It appears that the entrance is from the West / South corner is that correct?

  23. Where are the changing areas for the rink users? And how do they access the rink?
    They are located at the back of the building (south side) near the tennis courts.

  24. The rooms 102, 103, (combined 36’ x 29’) don’t look that much larger than the existing room at the chalet, was that the intent?
    When combined, it will be larger.
  25. After seeing the recently completed Shannon Park chalet, please be sure to have a water fountain accessible from the outside that can properly fill a reusable water bottle.
    We have to install a fountain that is for exterior use, at a reasonable price.
  26. Will there be temporary storage provided for associations (who use and have storage at the current chalet) throughout the demolition and building process?
    Depending on the size of necessary storage, we will see if arrangements can be made with the Culture & Leisure Department and we may consider temporarily renting trailers or containers.

  27. Will we be able to include the Beacon Hill Community Association’s time capsule somewhere in the plans? Either on display out of reach at the chalet or buried in the grounds?
    This is something to be discussed with the City's technical service team. However, we cannot bury a time capsule under the chalet – we would rather suggest that it be hidden somewhere in the building.
  28. Is the chalet going to have sustainable development materials certification?

  29. Why is the chalet roof not a green roof?
    This is not suitable for a sloping roof.

  30. What are the heating costs for this cube?
    The anticipated costs will be less than the current chalet although the chalet would be 37% larger.

  31. Is the chalet very energy-consuming? How much?

  32. Does the construction provide for the use of solar energy during possible seasons?

  33. Are rainwater collection tanks provided?

  34. What is the anticipated water consumption of the aqueduct?
    The same as now.
  35. What was planned in terms of heating/cooling? If so, will the mechanical plans be made available?
    It is planned to have air conditioning. No, the mechanical drawings will not be made available.

Plan of the Chalet with a legend (PDF) 

Chalet Beacon Hill Plan des pièces 002 2












Site Plan (PDF)

Chalet Beacon Hill propos Plan implantation

Plan – Site condition and demolition (PDF)

plan etat lieux demolition bhill

Plan – Projected works (PDF)

plan travaux projetes bhill

After seeing the recently completed Shannon Park chalet, please be sure to have a water fountain accessible from the outside that can properly fill a reusable water bottle.