Given that the City of Beaconsfield is in the COVID-19 red zone and in compliance with health and safety directives, Council has rescinded resolution 2020-09-288 (By-election of December 6, 2020 for district 6 - estimated budget of $ 92,000 and salary scale) and resolution 2020-09-317 (Notice of vacancy for the Office of Municipal Councillor for district 6) at a Special Council Meeting held on October 9, 2020.

Consequently, the City will not hold a by-election to fill the office of Councillor for District 6, following the passing of Councillor Gardner. The City of Beaconsfield is thus in a similar situation as other municipalities in Quebec which have not had to fill a vacancy since Council has a quorum and has no vacancy in the office of Mayor.
Council is however concerned and aware that the residents of District 6 have the right and expect to be adequately represented. Therefore, Mayor Bourelle undertakes to be the direct link with the residents of District 6, supported by all Councillors, in order to maintain the usual follow-ups with these residents. Mayor Bourelle can be reached as follows:

The agenda may be consulted on the City website.