Beaconsfield participates in a compliance audit conducted by the Commission municipale du Québec

April 22, 2021 -  Always searching for best management practices to reduce costs and improve its management performance, the City of Beaconsfield will participate in a compliance audit on the best management practices for public tendering of municipal contracts, conducted by the Commission municipale du Québec (CMQ).

“The continuous improvement of management practices is in the best interest of our citizens. It allows us to optimize the provision, quality and validity of services, so that we can offer better for less to all tax payers”, explains the mayor of Beaconsfield, Georges Bourelle.

The CMQ’s compliance audit seeks to determine the quality and reliability of Beaconsfield’s monitoring procedures for its public tenders for the execution of works, professional mandates and purchase of goods and services published on Québec’s official public sector electronic tendering service SÉAO (Système électronique d’appels d’offres).

These audit procedures pertaining to the monitoring and management of the municipal administration are intended to ensure that municipal activities and operations comply with government or municipal requirements specified by applicable laws, by-laws, policies and guidelines.

“The audit of our practices in conjunction with the CMQ experts will hopefully allow us to add value to all aspects and, where possible, contribute to improve and upgrade the public tendering process for all municipalities in Québec,” concludes Mayor Bourelle.