Beaconsfield increases claim against Montréal and Québec to 6 million dollars for tax overinvoicing

September 1, 2021 – For what will be the third consecutive year in 2022, Mayor Georges Bourelle deplores the absence of a settlement negotiated in good faith, in order to correct the unfair distribution of costs for regional services rendered by the City of Montréal. Beaconsfield’s claim against the Montréal Agglomeration and the Québec Government will therefore be adjusted to 6 million dollars.

“The sharing of costs for regional services is blatantly unfair for cities with high residential density on the island of Montréal. Since 2020, Beaconsfield residents have had to pay an additional 2 million dollars per year with no added services, for absolutely nothing. Cities with more commercial and industrial buildings do not experience this injustice”, says Mayor Georges Bourelle, denouncing this situation.

This overtaxation was generated by the adoption of a ministerial ruling in 2019 with an algorithm that distorted the historic equity of the 2008 agreement for the calculation of proportionate shares which the 16 municipalities on the island of Montréal pay for regional services, such as police and fire services, public transit, drinking water and waste water management.

In fiscal year 2020, the erroneous algorithm penalized the citizens of municipalities with high residential density, such as Beaconsfield, Westmount, Mount-Royal, Hampstead, Kirkland, Montreal-West and Dollard-des-Ormeaux, at the advantage of cities with high industrial density.

As a result, Beaconsfield’s annual contribution to the proportionate shares paid to the Agglomeration was at first increased by 2 million dollars in 2020, then again by another 2 million dollars in 2021, which explains the current 4 million dollar lawsuit against the City of Montréal and the Québec Government. This lawsuit will be amended to add an additional 2 million dollars that will again be invoiced in excess to Beaconsfield in 2022.

The special tripartite committee (Association of Suburban Municipalities [ASM], Montréal and Québec) created by Andrée Laforest, Minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing, had until August 31 to find sustainable solutions. However, no solution was found.

“This injustice cannot be tolerated and must be repaired. It is inconceivable to pay more taxes without receiving additional services, because of a distorted algorithm resulting in inequitable sharing of public service costs. This is why we ask the court to correct this injustice”, states Mayor Georges Bourelle.