Beaconsfield exceeds recovery targets

Here’s an overview:
  • The Montreal Agglomeration’s new residual material management master plan for 2020 - 2025 identifies key indicators and sets corresponding targets
  • In 2020, the effect of the pandemic led to appreciable increases for the entire Agglomeration in the quantities treated, especially for garbage, recyclable materials, and bulky items
  • Despite these increases, the efforts undertaken by residents succeeded in reaching several of the targets set for 2025 
  • With a recyclable material recovery rate of 75%, Beaconsfield is in the top 3 having reached the 2025 target of 75%
  • For organic materials, the 2025 recovery objective of 60% was reached with a result of 69%, putting the City in second place
  • The Agglomerations’s overall recovery rate of 70% was exceeded with a result of 71%. This places Beaconsfield in the top 3
  • Given these results, Beaconsfield is the 2nd lowest per capita garbage producer on the island of Montreal