Beaconsfield takes action against speeding in school and park zones

October 5, 2021 – The Mayor of Beaconsfield, Georges Bourelle and the members of City Council reaffirm the importance of safety for all road users.

By adopting a Speed Reduction Action and Concept Plan at last night’s Council meeting, Council remains proactive in addressing traffic-related issues, such as speeding in residential areas and in particular in school and park zones.

“After more than 24 years of performing traffic studies on Beaconsfield roads and addressing identified and documented problems, the time had come to reflect on driver behaviour on our roads and to analyze if speeding is actually a myth or a reality”, states Mayor Georges Bourelle.

“Despite our efforts to raise awareness, notably with our Why are you driving so fast? campaign in 2018 and the installation of speed displays, our recent data shows that previously identified speeding problems in Park and School zones are still very much a reality. The Speed Reduction Action and Concept Plan allows us to look into all potential measures that could positively impact driver behaviour by getting them to slow down in 30 km/h zones once and for all.”

Since both park and school zones present similar speeding problems, all these areas should be prioritized at the same time. The Action Plan suggests the installation of 15 speed humps, 19 sets of speed cushions, 6 raised intersections, 6 chokers, 6 additional street lights, and 2 lane reduction islands. The total cost for implementing all these measures is estimated at $375,000. While the timeframe will depend on available funds, it is suggested to proceed with all the necessary measures in 2022.