March 31, 2022 – With the goal to enhance the property of the Centennial Marina and the adjacent park, the City authorized the submission of a revised grant application for this flagship project to the program Aide au développement des infrastructures culturelles managed by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications (MCC) at the March 28 Council meeting.
The original grant application was submitted in 2021 in order to take the first steps to achieve this revitalization project, which includes the construction of a new multipurpose centre located on the marina property. Following discussions with the representatives of the ministry, the project was revised in order to increase the versatility of the spaces, to limit the footprint by highlighting the natural character of the site, and to provide an estimate that reflects current market conditions.
As a result of this exercise, the total area of the building has been reduced by 31%, with a revised project cost of $15,599,000 for the construction of the new centre as well as the adjoining landscaping. For a potential start of construction in 2024, this estimate includes an inflation rate of 6.1% for 2022 and a rate of 4.2% for 2023. The revised cost for professional fees, equipment, and other expenses is estimated at $4,035,000. According to the conditions of the program Aide au développement des infrastructures culturelles, the City is requesting a grant of $3,038,209. The City hopes to receive a response to the grant application during the fall of 2022.
The revitalization project meets the criteria of other financial assistance programs, for which grant applications will be submitted following acceptance by the MCC. A fundraising campaign with private donors is also planned. The City's contribution will be funded through a combination of a loan by-law, as well as from the City’s reserves and surpluses available at the time of the project implementation.
“These public and private contributions are essential to respect the financial capacity of taxpayers and realize a quality project for the benefit of the entire community The participatory consultations held in 2019 made it possible to reach clear consensus that these exceptional sites must be revitalized, and that this initiative should be a vehicle for the sustainable development and quality of life of our city”, underlined Mayor Bourelle.
Launched in 2018, the Reimagining SPACE project is framed by a vision to develop a project to revitalize Centennial Park and the Lord Reading property with the collaboration of Beaconsfield residents that combines culture, leisure and nature. Following consultations that highlighted, among other things, deficiencies in the Library (our busiest community hub in the City) the Project Steering Committee issued a series of recommendations in 2019. These include the following:
  • The marina property should be integrated with Centennial Park;
  • The redevelopment of Centennial Park should preserve its natural character;
  • The construction of a multi-purpose centre (including a library and community spaces) will serve as an anchor, allowing our community to enjoy this unique waterfront space.