Starting the week of May 30 until September 
Extensive work including excavation, pipe changes, lighting and installation of electrical charging stations will prevent the use of regular parking spaces in the vicinity of the Recreation Centre starting the week of May 30. This work will continue until the end of September. Access to the Recreation Centre will still be through the main doors despite the work.

Cyclists will still be able to park their bicycles on the bike rack located in front of the Recreation Centre. The skatepark will remain accessible during the reconstruction.
Please plan to arrive in advance to your activity to avoid being late.

Alternative spaces
In order to limit the inconveniences caused by this project, the City has created temporary parking spaces in the green space located on the north side of the Recreation Centre. Please follow the appropriate indications for entries and exits and respect the designated area.

Parking spaces for the disabled and mobility impaired will also be set up temporarily along City Lane in front of the Recreation Centre.