Beaconsfield, September 15, 2022 – The latest three-year property assessment role for the Island of Montréal tabled on September 14 demonstrates once again that Beaconsfield property values are experiencing a considerable growth rate with an average of 39.3%, increasing the average value of a single-family home to $1,034,500.

“Beaconsfield belongs to the seven municipalities on the Island with average property values of more than one million dollars. This new role confirms the enrichment of all property owners in Beaconsfield who see the value of their property grow faster than inflation”, explains Mayor Georges Bourelle.

The mayor of Beaconsfield wishes to reassure about the impact on property taxes. He points out that the average increase of 39.3% will be compensated by a reduction of the mill rate to limit the impact on the municipal tax bill for 2023.

“The amount on the tax bill is mostly established by the property value in combination with the millrate. While the real estate market, which we do not control, determines the market value of properties, it is the Municipal Council who determines the mill rate. Although the equation is not perfect, we are striving to keep the impact below the inflation rate, as we have done in the past nine years”, reminds Mayor Bourelle.

Beaconsfield’s administrative rigour is even more remarkable considering that half of the municipal budget is determined by the Montréal Agglomeration. Over the last years, the quotes-parts paid to Montréal have been affected by increases exceeding the inflation rates. For that matter, Beaconsfield took legal action in 2020 – for an amount that has since reached more than six million dollars – against the City of Montréal and the Québec Government. The dispute relates to the penalizing method whichis used to calculate the amount that Beaconsfield must remit to Montréal.

“As with every tabling of a new role, the municipal administration is already working on minimizing the impact of the increased property values to keep the increase of the next tax bill below the inflation rate which represents the rising cost of living. Despite the inappropriately high contribution for regional services that we must pay to the City of Montréal, we will do everything necessary to preserve our taxpayers’ ability to pay while maintaining quality services that contribute to the quality of everyday life in Beaconsfield”, assures Mayor Bourelle.