Action Plan for Persons With Disabilities

Every year, to comply with law, the City must table an action plan for the integration of disabled people into the community. The goal is to identify physical barriers, communication problems and obstacles to accessing goods and services which create issues for disabled persons and find solutions to them. One of our priorities is to make the Recreation Centre more accessible.

Consult the Action Plan 2023 (PDF)


Use of Motorized Mobility Aids on Public Roads

Following a 5-year pilot project, the Ministère des Transports formalised the circulation of motorised mobility aids (MMAs) on public roads in 2020 under certain conditions.

Motorised mobility aids are devices designed to compensate for an inability to walk, including electric wheelchairs, three-wheelers and four-wheelers.

To ensure the safety of MMA users and harmonious cohabitation with other road users, it is essential to be aware of the rules governing the use of MMAs on the road, pavements and bicycle paths.

For more information on the subject and the specific rules for motorised mobility aids, visit the Ministère des Transports website.